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A Peak at Our Most “Boo”-tiful Service Portals

October is nearing it’s end and Halloween is here, which means pretty soon kids (and maybe some adults) in your neighborhoods are going to be dressed up and walking around in the dark.

Like laying out an easy to access and delicious bowl of candy to attract trick or treaters, having a well-designed Service Portal is imperative if you want users to adopt your new platform straight away. Each ServiceNow Portal is different, as there’s a different audience and goal in mind for each instance or implementation project. But, most importantly, all Portals have to be easy to use with an understandable layout and access to critical information.

Really, all you need to do is combine your business goals with some UX principles, and you’ve got yourself a Service Portal. Which, we know, might sound like a plot straight out of a horror movie.

Lucky for you, we have a few tricks up our sleeves (and, around this time of year, a few wooden stakes and cloves of garlic too). To start, we thought we would share with you some of our favorite, fab-“boo”-lous, ServiceNow Service Portals. Each of these takes clear business goals, a defined audience, and a smart, “boo”-tiful design to create an effective Portal.

National Bank: Incorporating Service Portal into GBS Strategy

This company is the American subsidiary of a Global Multinational Bank. The largest bank in the United States by total assets as a result of multiple mergers and acquisitions, the U.S. team operates primarily in 15 East Coast states.

ServiceNow Portal on laptop

With over 1,000 geographic locations and over 26,000 employees, this bank wanted to design a CSM Portal as part of their Global Business Services (GBS) initiatives. The main goals were to design and implement a simple and easy to navigate Portal, as quickly as possible. Their Service Portal strategy also included a secondary, but significant, desire to roll out more comprehensive Asset Management and to align the Asset Management best practices with the Portal by creating a module to display asset ownership. (And save some serious money).

As a result of this Portal rollout, the Bank saw an unprecedented reduction in calls to their Service Desk, in favor of self-service Portal requests and actions. Data analysis also showed improved adherence to team SLA’s (and, we presume, overall happier employees)!

Employee ServiceNow Portal on tablet

Fortune500 Manufacturer: Global HR Empowerment with an Employee Portal

This company operates in over 70 countries and employs nearly 50,000 individuals. Naturally, their Service Portal faced a variety of challenges, including language barriers and access to 24/7 services. In fact, Acorio’s main objectives for this project were to create a Global Employee Portal and provide solutions for Global HR Case Management and Global Knowledge that all employees would have access to.

This Portal features descriptive tabs with clearly numbered tasks and tickets. The multiple search options is a nice touch and speaks to well-maintained Knowledge Bases. The homepage of the Global Service Portal features videos, a calendar, and a customizable sidebar. It can feature a user’s to-do list, open cases, applications, documents and more! The overall tone of the Portal is tailored to the company’s brand standard, with a personal touch.

Want to see more? Check out more views of this companies Portal in our Service Portal Lookbook. In the book, you’ll find more information on the National Bank, and Global Manufacturer, but also on a world-renowned non-profit and a leading University. See how they all transformed their Portals from outdated to effective (and “boo”-tiful!).

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