Multinational Food Manufacturer Embraces the Future with ITBM and NowMobile

Founded over a century ago, this multinational food manufacturer was in the midst of a complete company-wide digital transformation in 2021. After multiple mergers and acquisitions revealed underlying problems with their previous project resource management system, they knew they needed another solution. Holistically looking at their organization and its needs, their team defined its strategic business priority: to enable IT Management and staff to efficiently manage work and capacity for IT Strategic Planning, Implementations, and Operations.   

Although they were certain that employees were overscheduled, the organization lacked a tool to quantify and calculate utilization and allocation rates. This gap made it nearly impossible for managers to create a compelling business case for leadership to hire more hands. 

Looking for ways to strengthen their organization, internal business leaders sought a tool to enable effective management of IT demand, projects, and resource supply/utilization. With this goal as their central focus, the client identified ServiceNow as the perfect solution to bring them into the future.  

Partnering with Acorio for Real Expertise and True Guidance

With big dreams for their ServiceNow platform, this client wanted a certified partner who could offer a boutique feel and deliver as a one-stop-shop for all of their digital transformation goals. Acorio came to the table with a deep understanding of ITBM, HRSD, and ITSM, demonstrating the necessary expertise to convert their platform dreams into reality and offer insights across their entire ServiceNow platform. 

From Several Disparate PPM Tools to One Unified Source of Truth

Already using ServiceNow ITSM, the client viewed this project as a strategic opportunity to expand their platform use and kickstart a total digital transformation. Previously, the team was utilizing several disparate systems (including manually updating multiple excel sheets) to track their project management and resourcing. Although their processes were well defined, the previous approach was hindered by the superfluous and cumbersome pages and tools they used – not to mention the time spent ensuring all of the information across various documents were updated together and kept in complete sync.  

They dreamed of one, single source of truth: a centralized location of automated data where they could track their team, quantify key metrics, and provide clear visibility into resource supply and demand, current projects, and team allocation and utilization. Enter ServiceNow PPM.  

Increased Visibility & Efficiency with ServiceNow PPM 

ServiceNow’s project record data offered the ability to replicate the functionality of their previous system while increasing efficiency and saving valuable time so team members no longer had to manually update multiple excel documents. By tracking this information on the ServiceNow platform, the client gained visibility into key stats and data points. Before, individuals shuffled between unique excel documents to see necessary data. Now, anyone with access to the organization’s ServiceNow instance has full transparency into company data. 

A Wider Goal of True Digital Transformation  

With an overarching global digital transformation strategy, this specific project was one of the multiple ventures running in parallel with several others. Still, currently in the middle of a large HRSD transformation, the organization also balanced a platform upgrade from New York to Paris in the midst of these two other projects. With their internal resources busy supporting simultaneous HRSD and ITBM projects, the client deepened their partnership with Acorio by taking advantage of Acorio’s Virtual Assistance (AVA) for support to offset their team’s ITSM load – developing a close-knit, trusted partnership amongst our various teams.  

These concurrent projects required a great deal of behind-the-scenes coordination between our three Acorio project teams and AVA consultants. With multiple outside vendors, consultants, other divisions, and instances, clear and consistent communication were imperative to stay aligned for the projects’ overall success. Although the logistical and technical coordination was significant, the various teams navigated complex project crossovers to connect all the pieces of their digital transformation initiatives. For example, before they could deploy the NOW Mobile app, there was significant coordination with the HRSD project team to hide HR-specific app components, as those will be deployed in a later stage in their ServiceNow roadmap. 

Business Pains Prompt Real Digital Transformation  

Powered by ServiceNow, this food manufacturer has modernized its previous antiquated PMO processes. Now with ServiceNow PMO, they have one, unified source of truth that boasts: 

  • PPM Processes and Standards  
  • Reporting and out-of-box PPM Dashboards 

ServiceNow’s resource management and resource allocation tool provides this client with clear visibility so they know what their team is working on and when they are available for additional projects. Whereas before they recorded the majority of this information via email, they now have a unified system to track resource requests and view a comprehensive list of availability across the team.  

 Furthermore, we worked with the client to deploy the NOW Mobile app to support their IT Service Management.  

Defining Success Factors

This client’s project management maturity and strong project manager were key drivers for the project’s success – exemplifying how a strong internal leader, who isn’t afraid to make cut-offs and decisions based on priorities, will keep things moving forward to shepherd their team across the finish line. 

Furthermore, this client went against the grain by completing UAT as a group in real-time and refusing to do any impersonations. Driven with rigor and discipline, they knocked out all of their testing within two weeks, completing one of the smoothest UATs that Acorio’s project leaders had ever seen. This thorough organization and planning by the client made all the difference for their overall testing experience.  

Looking Ahead  

Having made a significant investment in ServiceNow, this client’s successful launch of ITBM and ITSM NowMobile is just the beginning of an extended commitment to digital transformation. Taking to heart the organization’s official strategy of “Run, Optimize, Innovate,” this client will embrace ServiceNow as the engine to power true change across their organization for years to come.  

Moving forward, they have their eyes set on FSM as a future project to streamline their back-office financials and continue expanding their use of the ServiceNow platform to catapult their business into the future. 

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