National Healthcare Org Transforms HR with a New Modern Employee Experience

Steep Challenges for a Growing Industry

Even with the consumption of healthcare services set to continue to grow throughout the next decade, today’s healthcare organizations face the challenge of responding to the lingering effects of the COVID-19 outbreak and its emerging variants.

The underlying issues related to the industry’s outdated employee experience are nothing new, but COVID-19 has undeniably exacerbated the strains on our healthcare workforce. The 2021 NSI National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report  found that the average hospital has turned over 90% of its overall workforce since 2016.

Amidst the “great resignation”, healthcare organizations face continued challenges to retain their teams and maintain normal operational levels. While trying to combat this workforce shortage in the short term, many healthcare systems are also balancing longer-term efforts to enhance the employee experience.

The True Cost of Turnover

This comes with a heavy price tag. The 2021 NSI report goes on to share that the average turnover cost for a hospital to replace a single bedside RN lands between $28,400 and $51,700 – resulting in hospitals losing millions of dollars each year from resignations and the efforts to fill them.

Looking to retain their top talent, this non-profit healthcare company committed to a complete HR revamp with ServiceNow. They understood how this investment would both directly benefit employees, empower better service for their thousands of patients across the United States, and save their organization money from reduced turnover.

Healthcare Org Transforms for its Team

Already on the ServiceNow platform, this client had previously partnered with Acorio for an ITSM Legal Service Application. Trusting in our strategic partnership, they enlisted our team to guide their HR transformation across their medical group, hospital system, and several other health care facilities in the Midwest.

Prior to this project, this client lacked a central HR system for their team. Instead, team members had to juggle between a myriad of disparate tools to navigate their work.

Understanding the stakes, this client set their sights on a single HR platform with streamlined services and intuitive processes to deliver an outstanding experience for their employees. Their goal was to work with Acorio to create a shared Service Center that would be able to scale alongside their organization.

A Simple, Streamlined Solution

After the strategic engagement with Acorio, this client is now making the most of their new ServiceNow HRSD solution, including a modern Employee Service Center with omni channel support via virtual agent, phone, live chat, email and a portal. We’re thrilled to share that we successfully brought 55 services live with this project! More importantly, HR agents and COE teams are now leveraging best practices and standardized processes with powerful automation and workflows to support employees.

By consolidating their previous assortment of disparate tools including email, Excel, SharePoint and OneNote onto a single platform, HR Business Partners can now focus on more strategic activities without getting bogged down in disparate systems. With clear organization and defined processes in place, the client can now provide visibility into status and progress of requests through reporting and dashboards.

After the original HR roll out, we partnered with the client for a second phase to add 12 additional services to payroll, improving self-service for the payroll team.

Modernizing the Employee Experience

By streamlining service, this organization was able to reduce the number of touch points between Mission Partners and HR via self-service, knowledge search, and the ability to check case status at any time. They transformed from a non-centralized, siloed environment to a unified platform of work with standardized processes and report-based insights. Performance analytics provide insights to improve service experiences and agent workloads, while intelligent virtual agent resolves issues faster and provides 24/7 support for employees.

Continued Transformation

Thrilled with their new modern HR system and ITSM Legal Service Application, this healthcare organization shows no signs of slowing down its digital transformation efforts. Now focused on both its employee and customer experiences, this client is kicking off a Customer Service Management project along with an HRSD expansion.