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Christmas in July: A Peek Inside Our New Brand Identity

Welcome to our new website.

A changing world, a changing ecosystem, a changing identity

If you are a veteran visitor on our site, you may have noticed a few changes over the past couple of weeks. Starting with a new homepage, followed by new interior pages, we have been updating our brand identity to communicate where Acorio sits in today’s new world of business and ServiceNow.

Some of these changes are drastic. There are bold new images, fonts, and layouts. Some of them are less so (but equally impactful) – a massive new load of content and resources. And some things, like our commitment to hiring exceptional people and providing the best experience for our customers, will always stay the same. We like to think of it as a bold new mix of passion for technology and open-arms for those looking to transform.

The new pages and designs are meant to be a reminder of how much the ServiceNow ecosystem has changed. The platform has grown from just IT to now being a leader in HR, Customer Service, and so much more. In 2019, we worked with more unique industries than any other previous year. ServiceNow really is becoming the platform of platforms and we’re excited about updating how we communicate these changes so that we can engage with businesses more effectively.

Even as we continue to update pages, we wanted to share a few of our newest pages that reflect this evolving brand. Each of these pages is chock full of resources including eBooks, case studies, and blogs.

  1. Our new homepage. The cornerstone of our dot com, our new homepage now features even more original content than before, plus a breakdown of our unique product leadership.
  2. About Acorio. As the largest pure-play ServiceNow Consultancy in the world, Acorio is the most experienced partner to deliver the platform expertise and human transformation needed for today’s digital world.
  3. Sortable webinars. In this new version of our webinar’s page, you can now not only view all our webinars and videos but also sort by your desired outcome or ServiceNow product.
  4. Healthcare systems and services. As the healthcare industry faces more uncertainty than ever before, Acorio consultants are ready to help your enterprise stay agile and design an actionable blueprint for business continuity.
  5. Financial services. We partner with a broad range of banking and financial firms to help navigate a dynamically changing environment, in which regulation constraints and evolving channel dynamics present significant obstacles to profitability.
  6. Retail and wholesale. The retail sector is facing unprecedented change with new business and supply chain strains, safety needs, consumer confidence, coupled with customer demand and spending habits likely to be in flux through 2022.
  7. Manufacturing. Put technology to work in your organization and overcome even the most difficult challenges by building a concrete digital solution with the help of our dedicated consultants.
  8. Acorio’s HR practice. Our advanced HR customers are expanding how they use ServiceNow – embracing the full Platform to improve their end to end employee experience.
  9. Acorio’s Customer Service Management practice. Today’s digital business imperative means it’s not enough to solve customer problems- leading companies and executives are eying proactive responses, aided by ServiceNow’s advanced analytic and predictive capabilities and robust workflows.
  10. Acorio’s IT Operations Management practice. Modern operations break down silos to focus on better business outcomes through the optimal application of technology and data. And it all starts with bringing Operations Management to the front of your IT strategy.
  11. Acorio’s IT Business Management practice. Acorio helps IT leaders gain more visibility into IT and centralize business and operational demand across the entire organization with the ITBM suite.
  12. Acorio’s Asset Management practice. Leaders from across the business – from the CISO to the CHRO and CFO – can no longer be constituents of IT Asset Management, they need to be informed driver for initiatives.