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Unprecedented Times Require Deeper Data: Join Our COVID-19 Digital Strategy Survey

We recognize that now, as we are all aware, is an unpredictable and unprecedented time in our personal lives, economy, and health climate. It has already impacted 2021 (and no doubt beyond) but there isn’t any original data to meet the new need of businesses, Technology organizations, new Digital mandates, and your ServiceNow teams.

Our newest Insight and Vision Survey is dedicated to filling these gaps, to help inform companies as they plan budgets, goals, and roadmaps for our “future normal”.

The survey is 15 questions long and takes an estimated four minutes to complete. While all responses are anonymous, anyone who completes the survey will be given the opportunity to enter our raffle for a Peloton Bike, valued at over $2,400!

Please join us in taking and sharing our newest Insight Survey.

Nearly two years ago we launched our first research study to dive deeper into the ServiceNow ecosystem than anybody else. We set the research, and the subsequent two Insight and Vision Reports, against a backdrop of evolving priorities and challenges among ServiceNow customers, and the insights were unprecedented. Today’s new survey will join the line-up of critical business resources.


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