Acorio’s 12 Days of Giving: Day Six, Acorio’s New EXPAND Series and Executive Insights

It’s official, today marks the halfway point for our 2020 Twelve Days of Giving. To celebrate that milestone, we are packing the day with a cornucopia of new content for you. Plus… just maybe… a new way of thinking about our jobs and the past year. (Bear with me, I know that’s a bold statement).

To do that, we’re launching a new series- Acorio EXPAND – a collection of ServiceNow content that will include executive insights, new interviews, thoughts on innovation, eBooks, and more.


This idea that our ServiceNow world is expanding is something we’ve been thinking about for a while (really, since Acorio’s digital Knowledge20 after-party with Trevor Noah) – and one that’s taken on an exponential pace given the realities of the past year. It’s the premise that, while the last year has been a challenge for all of us, it has also pushed us to think differently and to come together as companies and as communities in new ways.

And so, we’re proposing a radical concept: That we will look back on these times we are in right now as the moment when technology, our digital worlds, our drive for transformation and innovation – when all of them expanded…

As the video explains, in the coming months, our team is going to celebrate this concept. Sharing stories of clients, executives, and teammates who challenged each other to ask questions like: How can we expand and what can we expand in ourselves to take on the world that’s coming next?

Stay tuned tomorrow for Edition 1, where Acorio’s VP of Advisory, John Huckle shares a new video, a new executive slide deck, and a new ServiceNow Advisory strategy eBook to drive your success among today’s expanded Digital Transformation priorities.

(If you are just too hungry for new insights you just need some today, you can check out our original research on what executives and platform owners told us they’re prioritizing and budgeting for in the coming year.)