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New Year’s Countdown: 10 Acorio Blogs to Get You to 2019

ServiceNow reached new heights in 2018.

In June, they took home #1 Most Innovative Company in the World, as ranked by Forbes. The company released two new upgrades: London and Kingston (both with great new technology advancements). They also hosted their largest Knowledge conference yet – with over 18,000 attendees, plus dozens of other regional events.

As 2018 wraps up, we get to look back at what a fabulous year it really has been. We attended Knowledge (and we’ve just submitted our discussions for Knowledge19, too!), won our own awards right along-side ServiceNow – including being named a Top 5 Global Partner for Certifications and #1 Top Place to Work in Massachusetts by the Boston Globe – and published our first ever Global ServiceNow Survey. It’s safe to say we’ve been pretty busy.

So, while all that was going on, we also published countless blog posts (84 to be exact) about ServiceNow, Acorio client case studies, our award-winning culture, and more. But in case you don’t have the time to read all 84, we collected our favorites from there year in this blog post, just for you.

So, if you’re lucky, you’ll be heading on vacation soon, but before you go, let us send you off with a countdown to the new year with our top 10 blogs from 2018.

10. First Look: Service Management Executive Insight & Vision Report [Exclusive Preview]

Kicking off our New Year’s ServiceNow countdown is our Service Management Executive Insight & Vision Report blog. This report is the executive summary before the full version comes out in Q1 of 2019, featuring the top 8 trends in the ServiceNow and Service Management world. Here are a few stats to see if we can’t pique your interest…

  • 45% of survey respondents cited both the cost of ServiceNow and roadmap growth as their major ServiceNow hurdles.
  • 63% of respondents listed Digital Transformation as a focus for 2019.
  • Service Management is a core initiative for 78% of all the survey respondents.

Sound interesting? We think so too!

Get a sneak peek into ServiceNow insights and trends from over 300 of your peers.

9. What Every Enterprise Wished They Knew Before Starting Their ServiceNow Roadmap [Plus, Free Roadmap Template and Examples]

Our next blog on the countdown explains what every enterprise wished they knew before starting their ServiceNow Roadmap.

So many of our clients come to us knowing they can move beyond their legacy technology or outdated processes that just aren’t efficient enough for today’s fast-paced world, leading them to look at ServiceNow as their new enterprise backbone. And we’re grateful that they choose us for their ServiceNow advisory and technical integration, and implementation needs.

But, one of the first things you need before starting your ServiceNow journey is to formally define your ServiceNow roadmap. In this blog, we walk through the 5 steps to creating and scoring your roadmap to ensure success with ServiceNow.

Get a head start on your ServiceNow journey and check out this blog post now!

8. From the Wild West to ServiceNow: My Journey to Developing on the World’s Most Powerful ESM Platform

Many of you coding enthusiasts may be interested in moving to ServiceNow but may not know what to expect… until now.

So for this blog, pick up your party horns and make some noise for Mathew Maxwell, an Acorio Technical Consultant who shares his journey with coding and developing, and his own transition to ServiceNow.

He also gives some helpful suggestions for those of you who are thinking about moving into the ServiceNow world. Spoiler alert: he was happy about his decision. Be sure to read about his experience if you are curious about making your way to ServiceNow!

7. Acorio’s ServiceNow Consulting Training: A Hard Lesson on Soft Skills

Many consultants excel in harder technical skills, but, more often than not, the difficult part of the job is the soft skills. Acorio has partnered with S3 Solutions to deliver the Power of Partnerships training program. Through workshops, consultants learn and refine these soft skills, like communication and relationship building, to improve their client-facing interactions.

It’s important to us at Acorio that we put our client relationships first, and to make sure they are getting the premium experience. That is why these training sessions exist. Read here to learn more about the Power of Partnerships program.

6. Organizational Change Management (OCM) – The Secret Ingredient to Getting the Most out of Your ServiceNow Implementation

Raise your glass to another exciting blog, on the Secret Ingredient to your ServiceNow Implementation!

No, it’s not champagne I’m talking about, rather, Organizational Change Management (OCM).

Organizational change can be difficult, but a proper end-to-end ServiceNow consulting can help you transform your business.

Discover why Organizational Change Management (OCM), or the people side of change management, gets overlooked, some roadblocks to expect, and how to successfully apply OCM to the workplace. When you do, it’ll be cause for celebration (and maybe that glass of champagne!)

5. Working Around the Clock: Fall’s Top 9 ServiceNow Projects

At Acorio, customers are the priority. This post gives a brief description of nine projects we worked on this past fall

Here’s just a preview of some of those projects:

  • Top Children’s Network Hospital – ITSM and ITOM implementation (Phase 2)
  • Ivy-League University Law School – ITSM Release (Phase 1)
  • National Arts & Crafts Retail Chain – Real Estate Catalog

Why does this blog make it into the Top 5 of our year-end countdown? Because we think these projects will inspire your own ServiceNow journey in 2019.

4. Our Service Now Success Stories – Summer Go-Live Round-Up

In case number five wasn’t enough for you… we have another set of Customer Stories to share with you.

We love working with clients who push the boundaries of doing what it takes to transform how they work. This blog shares some of our favorite projects from the summer.

The four projects we discuss here are with:

  • Regional Healthcare System
  • Global Investment Firm
  • Global Defense Company
  • Global Biotechnology Firm

Intrigued? You should be,  click herefor more details!

3. Three Frightening ServiceNow Questions: Scary Stories from the ServiceNow Trenches

While reminiscing about your favorite memories of 2018, don’t forget about remembering the spookiest day of the year: Halloween.

For this Halloween-themed blog, we asked everyone at Acorio to share their ServiceNow horror stories, the scariest questions they’ve ever been asked, and ServiceNow situations they would prefer not to relive.

Try not to get too spooked while reading this blog, we still have two more to go!

2. Building a Culture Code We Love

Have you made your resolutions yet? While we are always striving to improve, we’re pretty happy with our company culture.

In the past four years, we have curated a set of beliefs that Acorio lives by, called our Culture Code.

Here we share the journey we took to reach our Culture Code, and how frightening yet important it was to tangibly write down Acorio’s company culture. Click on this post to learn more about us.

1. 100% Growth and Still #1 – Boston Globe Awards Acorio Top Place to Work (Again)!

Rounding out our New Year’s countdown is Acorio’s exciting announcement of being named the #1 Top Place to Work in Massachusetts by the Boston Globe! Last year we placed #1 in the Small Company, and this year we grew to become the #1 Employer of all Medium-Sized Companies in 2018.

Nothing could have ended our 2018 better! Who knows, maybe we’ll be on the list again next year…Read here to see how we made the list two years in a row.

2018 and Beyond

The clock can strike midnight now, thank you all for such a great 2018! We know it’s not over yet, but in case you are running off to be with family or to enjoy some peace and quiet this holiday season, we want to wish you a very Happy New Year!

And, if you’re already thinking about what ServiceNow projects you want to tackle in 2019, feel free to reach out to one of our ServiceNow experts!

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