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Acorio Clients FAQs
on our NTT DATA Partnership

Answering Your Questions: What Our New Partnership with NTT DATA Services Means For You, Our Clients.

On October 1st, Acorio, the largest global pure-play ServiceNow consultancy, announced that its acquisition by NTT DATA – one of the top 10 global leaders in transformative IT services – has closed. Acorio is now a strategic component of NTT DATA Services’ Chief Digital Office.

Please read below for a few Frequently Asked Questions for our ServiceNow Clients.

Will there be any anticipated impacts to my contract, account team, or service during this time?

We do not anticipate any changes to your current account team, project team, or contracts as a result of this closing. Our ongoing partnership with you and the ability to serve our clients was paramount in this decision. Acorio and NTT DATA Services’ leadership teams are committed to delivering the same relentless commitment to quality work and success you have come to expect from us, with the people you know.

Following closing, Acorio will remain intact, and sit in the Chief Digital Office at NTT DATA Services, helping drive Digital Transformation for our clients. Over time, and where it makes sense, we will begin to explore overlaps with NTT DATA Servies where we can add more value together or better align our teams to meet market demands. We are confident that the process will take place in a thoughtful, caring, and deliberate approach grounded in value for you. We believe we will be stronger together.

Who is NTT DATA?

NTT DATA is a top 10 IT provider with over 130,000 worldwide employees. It is part of the $109B NTT Group. Specifically, Acorio will join NTT DATA Services - the largest NTT DATA business unit outside Japan. NTT DATA Services is a digital business and IT services leader headquartered in Plano, Texas, with 50,000 professionals worldwide. With their consultative approach, they leverage deep industry expertise and leading-edge technologies powered by AI, automation, and cloud to create practical and scalable solutions that contribute to society and help clients worldwide.

NTT DATA Services Key Facts

NTT DATA’s global team delivers one of the industry’s most robust and integrated portfolios. This includes consulting, applications, data intelligence, and analytics, hybrid infrastructure, workplace, cybersecurity, and business process services to help organizations accelerate and sustain value throughout their digital journeys.

50,000 Employees

The parent company of NTT DATA Services, NTT DATA Corporation, employs more than 130,000 professionals in total. NTT DATA is part of the $109B NTT Group.

Global Presence

NTT DATA Services has approximately 36% of its staff in North America, 48% in India, 16% in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Deep Technology Bench

Helps drive client value with a comprehensive portfolio of digital offerings with a range of deep expertise in specific industries

Clients First, Always

World-class Client Experience Centers in Plano, TX and Bengaluru, India

Strong Innovation Culture

NTT DATA Group invested $3.6 billion in R&D last year alone and has 6,000 research professionals at dedicated R&D facilities worldwide.

Does NTT DATA have a ServiceNow practice?

NTT DATA Services, like Acorio, is also an Elite ServiceNow Partner. NTT DATA Services has ServiceNow practices in both the Americas and India with strong industry experience in Manufacturing, the Public Sector, Financial Services, and Healthcare.

The planned acquisition of Acorio is designed to help NTT DATA clients with enhanced offerings with ServiceNow, which is becoming the defacto standard at large enterprises for how work gets done. Acorio brings additional advisory, platform strategy, process-led implementation, world-class talent and flexible support offerings. Together we will provide the highest quality and largest breadth of ServiceNow offerings for our joint clients.

What is NTT DATA’s client philosophy?

NTT DATA Services’ commitment to digital transformation is ingrained in their values and culture, as well as its thoughtful approach to clients. NTT DATA Services’ organization aligns optimally to the core values we’ve set for ourselves at Acorio, to be the best partner for you:

  • Clients First: We continuously seek to understand our clients’ businesses and ensure their success in rapidly changing markets. By aligning with NTT DATA Services’ vertical portfolio, clients will benefit from the broader suite of services for digital transformation.
  • Foresight: We anticipate challenges our clients must address at the intersection of business and IT. NTT DATA Group invested about $3.6 billion in R&D last year alone and has 5,000 research professionals at dedicated R&D facilities worldwide. Clients will benefit from NTT DATA’s innovative digital portfolio and leading-edge technologies powered by AI, automation, and cloud spanning data and intelligence, customer experience, security, and operations.
  • Teamwork: We empower employees to achieve their best by working with each other. We recognize that diverse individuals working toward a common goal can achieve extraordinary results that go far beyond what an individual can achieve alone.

If you have additional questions about NTT DATA’s client philosophy, please contact us at [email protected].

More Client FAQs

What are the benefits of the combined company for me and other clients?

With the NTT DATA team, we can now offer you even more: an expanded portfolio, new kinds of support, increased innovation, more resources, and truly global capabilities. Acorio’s alignment with NTT DATA creates a platform and partnership to accelerate how we can assist you. We believe our combined strength will be able to provide you additional help and assistance to meet today’s business challenges with ServiceNow and beyond.

Acorio’s move into the Chief Digital Office at NTT DATA Services means we can further empower clients by leveraging the global reach and experience of the wider NTT DATA organization. A global leader in Digital Transformation, NTT DATA has extensive experience supporting the business digitization efforts so many you are undertaking right now.

You will get an Acorio team that is further energized, now buoyed up by NTT DATA’s vast support that will drive increased innovation and depth on the platform to ensure you derive maximum value for your Digital Transformation efforts. That includes:

  • New global reach: As ServiceNow has expanded its enterprise impact, clients were asking us for the ability to support their organizations across the enterprise and across the globe. NTT DATA brings vast experience in scaled global delivery, enabling Acorio to meet those needs.
  • An expanded portfolio: Acorio clients can benefit from the depth and expertise of a top 10 global IT services provider. NTT DATA offers a full suite of transformative technology solutions and flexible support models beyond the ServiceNow platform, all enabled by automated and intelligent digital workflows.
  • Deeper innovation resources: NTT DATA Group, invested about $4 billion in R&D last year alone and has 6,000 research professionals at dedicated R&D facilities worldwide. Clients will benefit from NTT DATA’s innovative digital portfolio and leading-edge technologies powered by AI, automation, and cloud, spanning data and intelligence, customer experience, security, and operations.
  • Broader Impact on the Market: Throughout its history, Acorio has grown and evolved in response to client demand and the evolving business environment. This move into the Chief Digital Office at NTT DATA Services means we can further empower clients and support broader mission-critical business digitization efforts so our clients can meet today’s accelerating challenges.
  • Better ServiceNow Alignment for Scale and Industry: Joining NTT DATA will allow us to play a larger and even more influential role in the ServiceNow ecosystem by combining forces with a fellow Elite Partner with practices in both the Americas and India. NTT DATA will also solidify Acorio’s role as the Ecosystem’s leading industry partner, by leveraging NTT DATA’s true verticalization business strategy and strong experience in Manufacturing, the Public Sector, Financial Services and, Healthcare.

Acorio’s acquisition is the latest example of NTT DATA’s ongoing strategy of growth by strategic acquisitions that augment their specialized industry expertise. NTT DATA’s global scale and financial backing offer new chances to innovate, scale, and continuously add incremental value to your organization.

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Will Acorio dilute its 100% focus on ServiceNow?

No, Acorio will remain 100% focused on ServiceNow. With a rapidly growing market expected to reach $165B in TAM by 2023, Acorio will remain focused on business digitization, organizational change, and the employee experience through innovative, agile approaches. Given ServiceNow is reaching further and further across the enterprise and integrating into even broader Digital Transformation efforts, the power of NTT DATA’s broader suite of capabilities can be leveraged to give you experts outside ServiceNow.

What is the future for the Acorio team (and how might that impact us)?

There are no anticipated changes to how we work with you and your team at this time. We will continue our 100% ServiceNow focus and specialization, reporting into the Chief Digital Office at NTT DATA Services. There, we will play a unique role as their only ServiceNow Advisory and Consulting unit, bringing innovative, agile approaches including advisory, process-led implementation, employee and user experience, and flexible support models to meet evolving customer demands.

NTT DATA Services acquired Acorio LLC from Momentum Equity Partners (MEP) and the other minority shareholders. Other than the broader ownership model, Acorio’s U.S. corporate structure has not fundamentally changed. The legal entity name will remain Acorio LLC – although, going forward, we will be branded under the NTT DATA umbrella as “Acorio, an NTT DATA Company”.

What is Acorio and NTT Data’s commitment to clients?

We are completely committed to maintaining business momentum in this critical time. We won’t miss a beat and will ensure our focus is you and your success. Once the transaction closes, the first priority for leadership teams of both companies is to ensure your success, maintain your satisfaction and continue the high quality of delivery you have come to expect from us.

Why this acquisition, now?

Throughout our history, Acorio has grown and evolved in response to client demand, always staying true to our mission of guiding and inspiring business leaders to realize the full potential of the ServiceNow platform through the expertise and human transformation needed for today’s digital world. As ServiceNow’s impact has expanded its enterprise impact, becoming a platform of platforms and uniting enterprise processes and systems, clients were asking us for more services and, more specifically, more global capabilities. NTT DATA is that partner who can help us answer that demand with the high-quality services and high customer satisfaction (CSAT) that we have always achieved.

We began looking for a partner aligned with our culture who would fuel our expansion to the next level. We found it! We are confident that NTT DATA Services is the right company for growth to expand our reach and capabilities while maintaining our culture of authenticity and innovation.  To elaborate, we are a services business, which is all about our people. If our employees are empowered and excited, they bring that to your engagements.

We are excited for the opportunities this brings our team to further strengthen their craft, and pass that value to you. While emotional for us (and those of you who have been with us since the beginning), we know we are ready for this next stage!

If you have additional questions about this acquisition, please contact us at [email protected].

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Does my ServiceNow sales and customer support teams know?

The details of the new acquisition were first shared publicly on August 27th, 2020, and Acorio and NTT DATA are in active communication with ServiceNow executives, Sales leadership, and Customer Success teams. We are working to ensure that communication reaches all ServiceNow Reps and Client teams as appropriate.

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What should I expect next?

Business as usual. We are committed to maintaining business momentum in this critical time. Once the transaction closes, the first priority for leadership teams of both companies is to ensure your success, maintain your satisfaction, and continue the high quality of delivery you have come to expect from us. The people you already work with will be available to you.

We hope to have 1:1 conversations with each of you in the coming days/weeks to ensure you are comfortable and get your questions answered.

Over the next year we will begin to identify appropriate opportunities for you to benefit from the global reach so many of you have asked us to deliver.

Who can I speak with to learn more about NTT DATA Services?

We will ensure any questions you have are answered. We will also work to empower your sales and delivery executives to help answer your questions. Of course, we are available at any point to discuss this with you!

For any urgent questions on you might have, we recommend reaching out to your Acorio account manager, who is being briefed on a regular basis on any relevant details of this acquisition as they evolve. Your account manager can also arrange any executive interactions with anyone at Acorio you may prefer.

Our Leadership has designated a specific Executive Transition Team, staffed by Senior Leaders and Sales Directors, which will be personally reaching out to you over the next week.

Once the transaction closes (later this year), we will schedule communications meant to help orient you to the benefits and other related updates on our alignment with NTT DATA. We have also set up an email exclusively for questions about this acquisition, [email protected] which is consistently manned and will immediately forward any inquiries to the appropriate party.

  • For our clients, this acquisition means we can offer a truly global scale and increased innovation while remaining relentlessly focused on ServiceNow. Our clients will also benefit from access to NTT DATA’s global R&D, applications, infrastructure, and investments in digital transformation and innovation. I’m thrilled at the new opportunities that will be available to both our clients and employees.

    Ellen Daley CEO, Acorio
  • Acorio is a proven leader in implementing ServiceNow and its ecosystem to automate workflows in order to unite and empower all other enterprise technology. Acorio is the most experienced & innovative partner to deliver the platform expertise and transformation needed to support our clients’ rapid adoption of ServiceNow. The company’s vertical portfolio and client base complement and aligns perfectly with ours.

    Eric Clark Chief Digital Officer, NTT DATA Services