October GoLive Roundup: 8 New ServiceNow Success Stories

The fall is one of my favorite times of year: the leaves changing colors, spiced baked goods warming in the kitchen, and falling temperatures all marking the arrival of sweater weather! There’s something about autumn that brings about a feeling of gratitude, and in that spirit, we’re spreading the love by highlighting client teams that rolled out some incredible ServiceNow tools last month.  

That’s right, we’re back with this month’s GoLive Roundup blog. From Advisory projects to ITSM and SecOps, we’ve got a variety of projects rolling out and we can’t wait to share them with you:  

Advisory for National Car Retailer  

As one of the largest automotive group retailers in the United States and one of the fastest growing companies in the Fortune 500, this car retailer needed help enhancing their service experience. They partnered with Acorio to get advisory on their existing CMDB configuration and discuss best practices for successfully and sustainably expanding their company.  

Guided by a final document with recommendations from our Advisory team, this client now has the resources they need to improve process and platform alignment, enable future platform expansions with a solid architectural foundation, and reduce specialization across the organization. These recommendations will also help this car retailer enhance the provided service experience for their clients and scale as they continue to grow.  

This document immediately prompted discussions around new project work, and we’re eager to continue guiding this client into the future of digital transformation powered by ServiceNow.   

Strategic Roadmapping for International Energy Trading Leader 

This international energy trader is its country’s largest producer of renewable energy. Expecting major growth with a goal of organizational alignment, this client sought out Acorio for assistance outlining a strategic roadmap to align with their current IT maturity.  

Acorio’s advisory team led a series of 10 tactical workshops to analyze the state of the company’s current systems. From there, and within just two days, our Advisory team used the feedback gathered during the workshop to turn around a final 3-year strategic roadmap with our crawl, walk, run recommendations for the client, including a pilot with ServiceNow. This client is already working with our roadmap to determine the best way to sequence the pilot and subsequent phases of the project. 

Major Incident Management for State Healthcare Group  

This state healthcare group employs 9,000 physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to support their network of hospitals, clinics, trauma centers, and health professions colleges. Already an existing Acorio client, this healthcare group was looking to automate their major incident management and bring their processes in line with ServiceNow best practices. 

Following a series of hybrid workshops, Acorio gathered the necessary requirements and got to work! In addition to delivering ServiceNow’s Major Incident Management, our project team helped this client integrate ServiceNow with Xmatters, an automated incident resolution tool, along with a custom integration with the client’s internal UI.   

To ensure a lasting impact, we also delivered policy, process, procedure, and standard documentation for platform guidance and governance. This was all thanks to our skilled project team digging into the workshop requirements to provide the client with solid SOPs for guidance and governance. 

The end results? The update sets were promoted smoothly, and even the tricky integrations were no match for our crack team. This client is now utilizing their new integrations and Major Incident Management tool to keep their employees productive and happy by ensuring they can easily contact support to track and fix issues. 

Problem Management for State Healthcare Group 

October was a big month for this client and their partnership with Acorio! In addition to the project work listed above, this same state healthcare group also worked with Acorio to address concerns in their Problem Management processes. They enlisted the help of our experts to perform an advisory audit on their existing Problem Management implementation and then reimplement Problem Management to further mature their ITSM capabilities and improve root cause investigations.  

After three previous attempts to implement Problem Management, there was a natural internal reluctance towards this project on the client side. While the product was already successfully implemented, it had yet to be adopted internally. The Acorio team was careful and diligent in our OCM approach by spreading the word about the upcoming changes for almost 3 months before go-live to get users excited about the new process well in advance.  

Thanks to our skilled project team and their proper training and support, the client is now taking full advantage of their Problem Management solution.  

This client also contracted Acorio to assist them in adopting several GRC modules, including:  

  • Policy & Compliance 
  • Risk Management 
  • Audit Management 
  • Issues Management 

By helping this client define the requirements for implementing these GRC modules, they are now making the most of their new GRC functionalities, in addition to their Problem and Major Incident Management solutions.  

ITAM, SecOps and CMDB for National Furniture Manufacturer

Looking to realize their Return on Investment in the ServiceNow Platform, this client partnered with Acorio to focus on three key areas: ITAM, SecOps and CMDB.

  • ITAM: By implementing ServiceNow’s Hardware PRO and Software Asset PRO lifecycle management, this client hoped to increase team efficiency, visibility and financial savings.
  • SecOps: By implementing foundational Security Incident Response process and functionality, this client hoped to increase awareness of critical Vulnerabilities and efficiency in their security processes.
  • CMDB: By conducting a Health Assessment, this client hoped to remediate issues with their foundational data organization to ensure and maintain its data integrity.

Acorio separated this project into two releases. The first focused on ServiceNow’s SecOps tools, implementing Vulnerability Response with a Tenable Integration and Security Incident Response. Then the second release focused on ServiceNow’s ITAM Hardware Asset Management (HAM), implementing HAM Pro and Software Asset Management (SAM) lifecycle capabilities for RTG, including Software Spend Detection.

HR Knowledge Base Evolution for Global Manufacturer   

This American Fortune 500 company specializes in electronics. With 20,000 employees globally, they began their ServiceNow journey back in 2018 with HRSD Pro and have been early adopters and power users of the Now platform ever since.  For this project, the Acorio team consolidated this client’s HR Knowledge Bases to improve their knowledge article management and streamline categories. The project also enabled Ownership Groups within the HR knowledge management processes to automate group assignment based on region and category.  

As a result, the two project teams successfully consolidated 56 country specific knowledge bases into one central global knowledge base that utilizes a new ownership group structure to support future maintenance. Needless to say, the client team is thrilled with their new HR Knowledge Base as the go-to source of truth for employee questions!  

ITSM Workflow for Multinational Manufacturer 

Acorio partnered with this multinational food and beverage manufacturer to implement a Sourcing Desk Request in ServiceNow and establish the platform as a single source of truth for all Sourcing Desk Requests. 

After implementing Service Catalog and Reports to provide a consistent and intuitive process for intaking Sourcing Desk Requests via Service Portal, this client now has its eyes set on expanded maturity with future plans including integrations and increased automation. They reported zero defects during their support period and is now making the most of their new tool.  

Virtual Agent for Global Credit Union  

This existing Acorio client enlisted our help with implementing their new Virtual Agent as the latest step in their platform and service maturation. By implementing these ServiceNow Intelligence features and processes, this credit union provides an optimized experience for their employees with automated and self-service opportunities.  

By leveraging OOTB conversations, features, and functionality, our team was able to teach the client’s process owners a repeatable methodology for identifying and qualifying conversation candidates. This client went live with Val, their Virtual Agent Liaison, with zero technical issues and successfully launched an internal communications campaign informing their users of the new functionality. We’re happy to report that this project was successfully deployed and client is now making great use of their new Virtual Agent. 

If you enjoyed this blog, keep an eye out next month for more client success stories coming your way!