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ServiceNow Go-Live Roundup: ITSM at a University and Personalized Experiences at a NonProfit

You might have noticed that, recently, we’ve dedicated ourselves to sharing some of our client’s ServiceNow stories with you. From PPM at a local hospital to merging instances and processes after an acquisition, our advisory and technical teams have been busy. Why the big push to share these stories with you? Simply because we hope that they might inspire you for what your instance could be. From more satisfied employees and customers to major cost savings, knowing what ServiceNow is capable of brings you one step closer to actually achieving it.

To share some of this work with you, we’ve gathered a few of our recent Go-Lives with different clients from the past month. Read below to see what we’ve been up to:  

Complete ITSM Revolution at Leading University Syndicate

With a fundamental goal of ensuring excellence in teaching, research and scholarship, this major University syndicate implements and reviews academic initiatives that support and complement the University’s mission, globalization efforts, and interdisciplinary work. The Office is comprised of several groups including Finance, Payroll, HR, and IT. All of these groups previously shared the use of a ZenDesk help-desk system. However, they were not satisfied with ZenDesk’s limited scope and were looking to shift to a truly integrated, enterprise-level system that could align better with the University’s existing ServiceNow environment.

Before they embarked on their roadmap and implementation, they contracted with Acorio to lead the transformation efforts. After several workshops, the team walked away with three distinct goals; to modernize Enterprise Service Management capabilities by implementing ServiceNow, to improve the customer and fulfiller experience, and to consolidate shared-service tools & processes with a single system of action.

To accomplish this, Acorio provided the following solutions;

  • Incident
  • Service Portal
  • Customized web-based form and process for student hire processing (by the Finance and Payroll departments)
  • Configuration Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Integrations with LDAP, SCCM, and Oomitza

For each of these solutions, Acorio worked with the Office to ensure that they were configuring the system such that other groups could utilize Incident and the Portal as a department level help desk.

International Nonprofit Creates Personalized Experiences with Service Portal

As one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational enterprises in the world, this company’s mission is the promotion of environmental and historical conservation, world culture, and history. With business assets ranging from print magazines to TV channels, research projects and events, museum exhibits and a website, they seek to transcend the borders of traditional academia and bring content to the greater, worldwide, population.

As a previous Acorio client, they came to us with a very specific need – to transform their existing ServiceNow Service Portal into separate Portal experiences for each of their organizational tenants. So while each sector still needed access to the full range of Portal functions (IT, Facilities, Knowledge-base, Self-Service etc), they wanted personalized experiences for each corporate identity.

To read more about this and other Service Portal Examples, check out our Service Portal Lookbook.

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