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Onboarding the Right Way: Building Blocks of Acorio’s Culture of Excellence

At Acorio, we believe that every great company begins and ends with an exceptional culture. We also know those stand-out cultures don’t just happen. To scale excellence you need to inject the building blocks of that culture into every facet of your employment experience. That means hiring well, training relentlessly, and offering the right incentives to keep the best engaged.

This is particularly relevant for a service agency, where our people are literally our product. If we want to deliver exceptional customer service every day – then we need to pay attention to the minds and attitudes of the people answering the phone. Studies have shown over and over that in today’s marketplace, ESAT (Employee Satisfaction) scores directly correlate to company productivity and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) scores.

To build that talent, we have cultivated a three-pronged approach to training and development, all aimed at attracting and maintaining the industry’s hottest talent.This involves:

  1. Onboarding the right way
  2. Creating learning programs to help new staff ramp up quickly on our culture and the ServiceNow product, and
  3. Ongoing development plans to allow people to realize their full potential

This blog walks through the beginning of the Acorio journey, onboarding, where we focus on giving our employees A-team level focus and support. Whether you are considering joining our team, or trying to determine what it would be like to work with us, we think it’s valuable to understand the journey someone goes through to join the A-team.

As The Saying Goes… You Only Have One Chance to Make a First Impression

Most of us know this scenario…

You’ve just accepted a brand new position, you’ve signed your offer letter, and now you are getting ready for the New Hire Orientation. Many people dread this process due to the long days, lots of HR paperwork, and long presentations.

That process might be the M.O. for a lot of companies, but we think we can do better. Our talent team is conscious of the impact we make from Day One. We pay close attention to those first critical impressions, from the first recruiting conversation, all the way to the exit evaluation.

Creating a culture that works, gets done throughout the entire employee lifecycle, so we purposely plan it out to maintain a positive environment at every recruiting “touch.”

So what do we do that sets us apart? We actively connect with our new hires even before they step foot into the office for their first day.

Here’s how the typical A-Team career begins…

First, our recruiting department is quick to respond. We do not make our candidates sweat it out. If we want you, you know it, and we work quickly with you to get you into the organization.

  • Our candidates are our customers. Acorio’s Engagement Managers, SenioracoriobasketConsultants and Consultants take pride in the service they provide their clients. Why should it be any different with our prospective employees?
  • After a Candidate has accepted a position with us, we immediately send them a welcome basket, filled with branded cookies and sweets.
  • We introduce them to the team before their first day. All new hires write a brief biography for us. We want the bio to be a reflection of their personality, so it’s up to them how they craft it. Then we share it with the whole Acorio team, and cc’ the candidate. As current employees read the bio, they react to it and show our newbie some love!
  • We are Buddies. Another important part of what we do is our “Buddy” program. Each new hire is paired up with a buddy who holds a similar position. This buddy will give perspective on the role, help them acclimate and give them an immediate go-to with questions.

This entire process is designed to address first day jitters and make new teammates aware of what’s expected of them, so they will quickly ramp up and begin enjoying their new role.


We fly our new hires in, put them up in a hotel near our offices in the heart of Boston, where they go through our three-day StartNow orientation. Even remote workers spend the first few days meeting everyone in person because we want them to experience and understand our corporate values from the beginning.

epiccThe StartNow orientation experience is carefully scheduled out, to ensure there is an integrated mix of learning, breaks and fun.

This three-day workshop includes:

  • Our monthly All-Hands meeting, where candidates also get to hear all about our goals and metrics from our Executive team. A new hire gets to hear and feel the excitement around where we are today and where we are headed in the future.
  • Lunch with some of our executive team.
  • Participation in our V-team call; where the whole team (both HQ and Virtual) meets via WebEx. We ask our new hires standard questions to break the ice, and then engage in water cooler chat. Speaking from experience, you quickly learn how much everyone generally enjoys chatting with one another.
  • Introductions and presentation by key staff, including our CEO, COO and department heads to talk about what they do, and open the floor for questions.
  • To wrap up the whole experience HR puts together a “new hire happy hour” where we toast our orientation graduates, have some appetizers, give some swag away and get to know each other better. (Of course it’s made a little special in the fact that we go to a tiny dive bar that’s hidden away in a corner of the financial district.)

We spend time preparing for each StartNow session. Our goal is to make our employees feel special every step of the way.

What It’s Like to Work at Acorio

Acorio hires experts. And then we pair you with experts internally and externally. We are constantly innovating and bettering our processes. We are passionate about the ServiceNow product. We live our values.

It’s not about a pretty package that’s empty on the inside, it’s about substance and maintaining and growing what we have. Every step must count, be calculated and be honest, so that we make sure that we stay true to our corporate values.


Editor’s note: Stay tuned to learn more about our the other pieces of the process, when we will do a deeper dive into our Learning and Development programs.