Acorio’s 12 Days of Giving: Day 12, Five Kinds of Support Needs You Will Face on Your ServiceNow Journey

It’s Day 12 of our annual 12 Days of Giving campaign, which means today is the final day of new daily giveaways (at least for 2020). They say all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, it’s true, but let’s look on the bright side – this year, we jam-packed 12 Days with new eBooks, videos, and slide shares to bring your team all the learning resources you need to kick off 2021 on the right note.

For our grand finale, we’re giving you a brand new Ongoing Support eBook: Managing Your ServiceNow Platform: Five Kinds of Support Needs You Will Face on Your ServiceNow Journey

The question we’re posing: How do you use support to maintain the momentum for your ServiceNow initiatives without completely burning out your team? 

To share possible solutions, we’ve compiled a list of five common scenarios that our clients face throughout their ServiceNow journey, along with possible Support solutions, tips to maximize your ongoing support, and even questions to consider asking your ServiceNow Partner to ensure your getting the right support.  

You can download the eBook here, or read below for a sneak peek into the first common scenario that trips up our customers.

Scenario One: A Little Extra Support for Your New ServiceNow Admin or Go-Live 

You’ve hired a new ServiceNow admin or promoted someone from within. Your new System Administrator went through a day of ServiceNow Sys Admin (or some other ad-hoc) training, but now they are back in the office… and facing a huge pile of work all on their own.  What happens if your System Administrator needs more support to get through the ever-growing backlog of requests, incidents, and enhancements?  

The Solution 

An hourly virtual assistance model with a certified ServiceNow partner is a budget-friendly way to get access to Senior Talent and adding a full-time headcount, thus easing the stress on your System Administrator. This “phone-a-friend” support option offers your team a seasoned ServiceNow Admin to provide general guidance, or to quickly tackle more complex cases until your new admin feels comfortable to handle them independently.  

The right education and support ensure a quick delivery time, knowledgeable employees, and satisfied external clients. You’ll also save time and money in efficiencies and avoided mistakes.  

Tips to Maximize Your Support 

  • Emphasize partnership: Find a partner who wants you to learn about ServiceNow and help you grow within the interface. This provides access to both (1) best practices for your unique instance and (2) a mentor who understands your environment, your instance, and your adoption plan, who can coach you (and your team) through challenges when you get stuck. No matter what experience your System Administrator has, it is important that they feel comfortable enough to reach out and ask questions if they need a helping hand, or even just a second opinion.
  • Get assistance, not dependence: Find a team who enables your team, as opposed to one who is looking to bump up their own hours. When working with a partner, it is important to avoid working with groups who claim to offer “assistance,” but instead force a dependent relationship because they don’t share their code or thought process with you. Along those lines, you also want to ensure the solutions created by your partner are maintainable by the existing team and work with all levels of Admins. Finding a partner who will take the time to learn enough about your team so they know where to jump in, is critical to your success. From there, they can know where it’s best to offer support, and when to allow learning opportunities for your teams.  

 “Find a team invested in your growth: You want to find a partner who will take the time to learn enough about your team so they know where to jump in, where to offer support, and when to allow learning opportunities for your teams.”

  • Steer clear of assumptions: You have heard the old adage about assumptions? This is also true of your ServiceNow support team. Partners who “guess” at your underlying configurations can create major downstream problems. Similarly, they can leave your team feeling adrift by not offering the right level of support. For example, even if your administrator has a strong process engineering background, they might still need help for a routine data pull they haven’t done before. Similarly, technical consultants need to confirm their solutions won’t impact other aspects of the instance. You want to work with a team that legitimately understands the entire ServiceNow platform and how each application interacts with one another and doesn’t just patch one problem while creating a new one on the other side of your fence.  
  • Focus on Knowledge Transfer: Your Admins and Technicians may not have the time to document everything. Make sure your partner provides Knowledge Transfer in the form of recordings and documentation so that you can use them as a reference tool in the future when ramping up new Admins on the particulars of your ServiceNow instance. 

Ready for more? You can continue reading the entire eBook here.

And, since it’s the last day, we’ll recap the entire campaign here…

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