Automation and Machine Learning

The Path to Service Automation

We all seem to have the same dreams: fewer clicks, more context, less work.  It’s the search for technology to liberate us from the mundane. What we are really talking about is an older, less complicated concept.  We are talking about automation.

Just like assembly lines and robotics modernized manufacturing, service automation is the evolutionary next step for service management. Whether you are automating datacenter provisioning or the corporate onboarding process, there are many paths to get to this destination.  Some are more dramatic while others are more evolutionary.  All of the paths achieve the goal of an improved experience through Service Automation, albeit at different paces.


Key Benefits of Automation:

  • Reduction of human resource costs
  • Speed and accuracy of delivery
  • 24/7 operations without the need for 24/7 staffing
  • Enabling one-click self-service solutions
  • Easier to mange the process instead of the transactions
  • Improved customer satisfaction and trust

Follow a 5-step process to Service Automation:

Step one and the foundation for Service Automation starts with capturing good data.  Data is the core of everything.  Before you build your first process or define a standard, the data has to be trustworthy. Additionally, data collection cannot be filled with exceptions if automation is the goal.

The second step is reporting on that good data. This provides insight into your effective processes and feedback for the ones that need improvement. It also gives you a chance to share what you gathered with your customers and cohorts.  Transparency will unlock the gate to Self-Service in a later phase.

Now you possess insight and can apply it to identify and create standards.  This third step will lead to the reduction and elimination of exceptions in your processes, like one-off approvals.  Once you have established these standard, repeatable processes you are at the precipice of your quest for automation.

Having standard practices also allows a precursor fourth step many organizations crave: Self-Service.  It’s great to have fully automated requests in self-service. But you can also offer many great solutions to your customers before things are fully automated. You’ve already been improving transparency via reporting and standardizing your process. Your customers know exactly what to expect when they request something.  Now you can give them a way to kick off these requests themselves via a slick portal or mobile interface, even if the workflow still runs through manual steps or human interactions.

Acorio path to automation

Finally you have arrived.  Welcome to the land of Service Automation. You have so much going for you already:

  • Great data and contextual information
  • Strong reporting and transparency
  • Standardization of processes and trust from your customers
  • Self-service that empowers your customers and reduces effort

Now you can start scripting and orchestrating those service requests.  The “place order” button will literally mean “NOW” when things are ordered, access is granted, and shipments or workflows are executed within seconds.  You have been enlightened and your journey to automation is complete… but it’s just the beginning of a new and rewarding journey. Learn more watch our webinar: Kill email! The Path To Better Enterprise Service Management.