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Paving the Way for their People: Healthcare System Reimagines HR Service Delivery  

For more than 60 years, this public healthcare system has set the gold bar in health care by serving their patients with top line treatments and the latest medical technology. This targeted, thoughtful approach is what has defined their reputation as one of the most comprehensive and advanced health care systems in the world. 

Already equipped with ServiceNow’s ITSM solution, last year this client began exploring a new venture into the platform’s HRSD capabilities. Originally scoping a broader implementation as part of their HR transformation roadmap, the client was then posed with the ultimate challenge of 2020: serving their customers during the height of COVID-19. 

Rather than pausing the project, the client pushed forward, resizing to a more modest approach that would provide the foundation for HRSD and allow them to get more familiar with ServiceNow’s HRSD within their organization, demonstrating quick wins such as Tier 0 self-service with the Employee Service Center before expanding the solution and seeking user adoption on a larger scale. This approach also ensured that the client could remain focused when they needed them most during last year’s COVID-19 surges.  

Moving into Modern HRSD from Manual Processes

The client’s previous HR processes were extremely manual, consuming key resources to fulfill simple tasks. Knowing they needed to re-think their HR Service Delivery, the healthcare system’s HR leaders knew their existing ServiceNow platform was the enabler for their HR transformation and began to search for a trusted partner for their journey.  

Our past experience with this client’s affiliate organizations resulted in a strong familiarity with the processes and integrations necessary for the common enterprise systems used across various departments, for example, their payroll solution. This existing relationship combined with our ServiceNow expertise provided the confidence this client needed to leverage our experience and knowledge for their project.   

A New HRSD Solution  

Trusting Acorio to drive the HR transformation they needed, the healthcare system set off on a mission to: 

  • Lay the foundation and establish tiered HRSD routing and streamline HR services access to eliminate frustration and improve employee satisfaction. 
  • Automate HR service request processes with HRSD Case Management to improve the end-user experience, reduce manual processes, and support their HR shared service center vision. 
  • Demonstrate quick wins with Tier 0 support and centralize inquiry intake through the Employee Service Center. 
  • Increase internal communication and transparency with HR Knowledge management and empower employees to request HR Services through HR Service Catalog. 
  • Integrate the solution with their existing payroll system. 

The final solution included several HR services and a commitment to aligning to out of the Box (OOB). It included: HRSD case management, with HR services for their HRIS and Benefits teams, Knowledge Management, and a payroll Integration with the addition of 10 fields to the existing integration.  

Laser-Focused on Growth & Learning  

This foundational approach was a great fit for the organization as they ventured into the HRSD space for the first time. In fact, following the build of the solution, the client immediately recognized the extreme value of their solution and requested a six-week extension of Acorio’s standard two-week hyper care period, so they could continue to ask questions and have Acorio’s experts provide supplementary enablement sessions for their HR teams as they quickly matured on the new HRSD solution. 

From a partnership standpoint, this additional enablement really speaks to their desire to make the most of their new implementation. This extended hyper care support truly allowed their employees to become well versed and confident in the software, utilizing Acorio’s team of experts to make sure they fully understood how the platform worked before assuming independent management of their new solution.   

This project is also a prime example of how HR projects are different than projects for other ServiceNow practices. Specifically, HRSD projects require care and attention to the details of the requirements, technical details, support, and follow-up around user testing. 

Supporting HR Centralization

Our solution for this client centered around the mission to deliver a scalable design that would enable their organization to gain modern capabilities for employee services.  

More specifically, one that would maximize centralization and streamline delivery support models for Manager and Employee personas. 

The goal? Automation, self-service, and the consumerization of the overarching employee experience for a modern service delivery model.  

IT & HR as the Ultimate Dynamic Duo 

One critical success factor of this project was the partnership embraced between the client’s HR and IT teams. HRSD projects require expanded coordination with IT resources, who play an important role in platform ownership. While the IT team on this project wasn’t involved in the work day-to-day, they were consistently looped into the overall change management throughout the project timeline.  

In this case, we were grateful that the client’s HR and IT teams communicated proactively and were so supportive of one another. Their strong working relationship ensured a smooth and speedy communication and planning process, minimizing bumps along the way.  

Driving True Change to See Real Results  

Held to its planned schedule, the project debuted with a seamless go-live at the end of their support period. We’re happy to report that the deployment of this foundational HRSD project has driven self-service, shared services, and automation for employees across the enterprise, all in a measured approach. 

Acorio has become the ServiceNow partner of choice for this client and is helping them continue to support their HRSD roadmap and vision. Their new HRSD solution continues to drive organizational change to support their long-term HR goals including redefining their employee experience and boosting user adoption.  

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