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3 Rules to Impact the Bottom Line: Increasing Employee Engagement with Acorio’s People-First Philosophy

In a day and age where talk of Company Culture is mainstream, companies NOT thinking about their culture and how to engage their employees have become the exception.

How do the truly great companies differentiate themselves among all those touting “great culture and unparalleled benefits“?

We think that differentiation lies in how a company treats their employees and builds their company around how their people work. For Acorio, our holistic mindset is a company-wide, people-first philosophy that guides decisions- from our Senior Leadership to our Talent Acquisition strategy.

As the fastest growing billion-dollar company ever, and a software platform that has become an indispensable enterprise asset in just a few short years, we recognize that the ServiceNow ecosystem is incredibly competitive. With 600+ partners all looking to hire the top talent, our team of ServiceNow experts could choose to work for any of these companies.

In order to remain competitive in this industry, we’ve positioned ourselves as the premier ServiceNow brand. In addition to our focus on technical expertise and becoming the “go-to” partner in the ServiceNow ecosystem for enterprise-wide transformation, our focus on our people helps us not only attract but also retain our exceptionally engaged team.

We recently took a step back to look at what it really takes to provide the premium work atmosphere, engage our employees across departments (and the country!), and create a people-first culture.  Here are 3 key strategies we employ for exceptional Employee Engagement:

1. Treat employees as individuals.

The move away from ‘one-size-fits-all’ in a company first came to the scene by way of sit-stand workstations. Since then, the most successful companies embrace that each employee has their own set of “sweet spots” and have improved their focus on employee well-being throughout the company. Of course, individual preferences and motivations that lead to more productivity and success expand far beyond the physical, and companies are changing their business practices to accommodate.

From our initial conversations during the recruiting process all the way through to onboarding, our Talent Acquisition team works with candidates to learn about their individual experiences and career objectives, before introducing them to, and having them interview with, no less than 4 Acorio Team members to get a feel for what it’s like to be an employee here at Acorio.

Once hired, our People team guides the individual through a seamless pre-onboarding process leading up to our actual 3-day Onboarding Workshop in downtown Boston. This workshop is first-class exposure to Acorio, where the new employee, along with a cohort of other new hires, interact with the Leadership team, become acquainted with our methodologies, tools and processes, and meet their new-hire Buddies, who can be a valuable resource in navigating the new company and our various teams and best practices.

Our People Team has developed individualized solutions supporting remote working arrangements that allow for different needs across the company by meeting our employees where they are throughout their career with us. These initiatives include individualized learning paths, customized career development plans, and Slack channels that offer something for everyone. This individualized attention and the greater appreciation for the people that make our company great allows us to reap the benefits of a more engaged and motivated team.

2. Create memorable experiences.

The most successful companies create memorable experiences for their customers AND their employees. We are passionate about the belief that customer satisfaction is highly correlated to employee satisfaction.

We are an industry leading consultancy, but we know that doesn’t mean our employees experiences with us should be limited to their project work. We also know that the more sense of purpose and confidence in our company values that our employees have, the better they’ll perform and engage with our clients.

That’s why we have “The Vibe”– a group of engaged and motivated employees from across the company leading employee engagement opportunities, our charity and volunteering efforts, as well as inclusion and diversity initiatives. In addition to “The Vibe”, our leadership team plans an Annual Summit for our entire company (most of whom work remotely across the US). This is a unique opportunity for our team to get together, bond, plan, and learn from each other.

These relationships that employees develop through these events continue to be developed and strengthened throughout our employees’ careers through participation in regional get-togethers, virtual events (including a virtual beer appreciation society, a virtual gaming group, and our virtual Firm Handshake, to name a few).

We want our employees to pass along to the customer their passion for our processes and solutions. We support their passions and give them the confidence to represent a company they love, resulting in industry-leading Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores and a growing number of happy clients.

3. Be rewarding, and that doesn’t just mean bonuses and raises.

Employee Experience expands far beyond an engaging culture as more and more of today’s workers are expecting productive and enjoyable work to go hand in hand. That’s why we believe in an approach that brings together all of the aspects of our company that impacts an employee’s satisfaction. Their management, their interactions with HR, and their confidence in our leadership all impact how an employee feels about their work and therefore company productivity.

Each Acorian has a People Manager as well as a variety of project teams giving them opportunities to work with a number of employees across departments while having a consistent resource in their manager for questions, concerns, and individualized career development. This career development planning along with Acorio’s training benefits (80 hours of paid time for Training) allows our employees to advance their own personal knowledge and expertise as well as arm them to be even more successful in their career at Acorio- and beyond.

In addition to one-on-one feedback between employees and managers, our CEO and Senior Leadership also host a monthly All-Hands meeting. During this company-wide meeting, details of our successes and opportunities are shared and that transparency allows a deeper connection to how the day to day efforts of our consultants affect the success of our business as a whole. This insight into our employees’ direct impact on the success of the company strengthens the connection of every individual to the company of which they are an integral part.

We believe that by focusing on individualized, memorable, and rewarding career experiences for every employee, we’re able to deliver more genuine and complete service to our clients and customers. Our team is a true testament that passion and expertise can be passed on from Company Leadership to customers, by way of satisfied and engaged employees.

Think Acorio’s people-first philosophy sounds right for you? Get in touch with someone from our Talent Acquisitions team and check out our open positions today.

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