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ServiceNow’s Performance Analytics for Better Customer Service Management

Performance Analytics in ServiceNow CSM

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Customer service is a top priority nowadays. Put simply, happy customers equal happy businesses. Expectations customers have for service delivery speed and quality are higher than ever.

So, how can businesses set themselves apart and also be the best for their customers? They have to quickly and effectively figure out what the customer issues are, why they’re having them, and how to fix them, all before these issues become a greater beast of a problem. For a well-oiled Customer Service Management (CSM), businesses need to be able to view their customer service performance in order to properly adjust their service operations.

That’s where ServiceNow Performance Analytics for CSM comes in. With Performance Analytics, you, the Customer Service manager, can easily report and analyze performance to optimize your service. You will also be able to anticipate trends based on performance, which will help you stay ahead of the game before any other issues arise. In addition, you’ll easily be able to see where to prioritize your resources, so you can emphasize coverage on where it’s most needed. Overall, you’ll be able to confidently drive customer service and continually improve.

Performance Analytics gives you complete transparency, which allows you to make better decisions. It encourages customer satisfaction while heightening the experience.

Extensible Library of KPIs and Dashboards

KPIs are quantifiable values that enable companies to measure how effectively they are progressing toward key business objectives. In Customer Service, KPIs might include metrics such as average response time, average handle time, number of open cases, and self-service effectiveness. Performance Analytics for Customer Service Management provides out-of-the-box (OOB) dashboards and over a hundred KPIs based on best practices and our service industry experience.

Detailed, Mobile-Enabled Scorecards

Scorecards incorporate organizational objectives and metrics (KPIs), allowing companies and individuals to track progress toward defined targets. For example, if a company is tracking toward a goal of more effective case resolution, they may choose to measure:

  • First call close rate
  • Average call handle time
  • % of tickets opened online
  • Self-service effectiveness

Performance Analytics automatically creates a detailed scorecard of each KPI’s performance trend using both current and historical performance data. Through scorecards, customer service managers and reps can track KPIs in real-time and compare performance against targets. KPI scorecards can be accessed using mobile devices to check the latest results and analyze their trends anytime, anywhere.

A well-implemented CSM can make the world of a difference for your business. Being able to view your performance facilitates the oftentimes challenging process of customer service. ServiceNow’s Performance Analytics application is a simple way to get the most out of your CSM and to support your customers’ needs.

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