Industry Trends in ServiceNow: Your Pharma Insights for 2020 and Beyond

Lengthy trial times, complex government and industry regulations, and waning consumer trust all combine to uniquely challenge the pharmaceutical industry. Regulations mean the industry can be slow to adopt innovation, yet health moves in real-time. Chronic conditions and aging populations are on the rise worldwide, alongside new market entrants and increasingly sophisticated data collection tools propelling us into the future.

Forward-thinking business decisions made now will set up pharma organizations of the future for success.

Thankfully, with powerful transformations for companies like Novartis and Magellan Health under its belt, ServiceNow has cemented itself as the premier enterprise platform for Pharma and Healthcare industry-specific solutions.

Driving the best patient outcomes can be a difficult task when faced with complex industry regulations and waning consumer trust. Yet pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations of today must deliver innovation and remain nimble all while personalizing for patients and complying with government and industry regulations.

The explosion of the global COVID-19 pandemic has forced pharmaceutical companies worldwide to rethink the current operating model. Favoring speed and agility while still maintaining safety and compliance is the new imperative.

To help you explore how to leverage ServiceNow in your organization to take on the trends of the future, we’re sharing a brand new slide deck focused on Pharmaceutical industry trends, with key insights from our 2020 Insight and Vision Report as well as ServiceNow, McKinsey, Deloitte, and other analyst firms.

Finding Footing in a Changing Industry

More empowered and informed than ever before, patients of today are seeking a personalized experience and are more likely to take an active role in their own care, no longer deferring to their primary care physicians to make decisions on the right medicines and treatments. Innovative startups ready to meet their needs by offering ground-breaking treatments pose a threat to pharma companies that are slow to adapt.

Prioritizing adaptability and agility will remain a key focus for pharma organizations of the future. Ditching siloes, automating manual processes, digitalizing data, and embracing next-gen technology to provide a world-class customer experience will set up these companies to not only meet the challenges of tomorrow but thrive in a changing industry landscape. Forward-thinking business decisions made now will set up pharma organizations of the future for success.

“Resilience is not a destination; it is a way of being. A “resilient organization” is not one that is simply able to return to where it left off before the crisis. Rather, the truly resilient organization is one that has transformed, having built the attitudes, beliefs, agility, and structures into its DNA that enable it to not just recover to where it was, but catapult forward—quickly” – Deloitte, The essence of resilient leadership

Download the full slide deck today to explore how Pharmaceutical organizations can thrive in the new decade using ServiceNow as their transformative enterprise platform, with key industry insights and recommendations.

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