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Ready Your Workforce: ServiceNow’s Return To Workplace Employee Experience Pack

As organizations envision a post-coronavirus world, the one thing everyone can agree on is that the return to workplace for employees requires careful planning and execution. Meaning, the ability to deliver employees the right digital experience for return to the office, addressing both workplace and workforce readiness, is essential. According to CNBC, 42 percent of employees are now working remotely, compared to just nine percent before the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as restrictions ease, many employees – estimated at 45 percent – will want the flexibility to choose where they work, adding another layer of planning for organizations with physical office locations.

For these employers that are planning or thinking about bringing employees back to their workplace, there are health and safety concerns top-of-mind. These organizations may need to transition through process changes, deploy new employee experiences at scale knowing these will evolve through data monitoring and feedback collection, and leverage those insights for enhancements.

In response to current events, ServiceNow has continued to leverage their platform and provide opportunities for organizations to do the same. At first, it was their four free emergency response apps. Most recently, it is this Employee Experience Pack, which offers a Solution Playbook as a point of view on considerations for implementing a Return to Workplace use case as well as a collection of pre-configured artifacts in an update set that can be adapted to:

  • Keep your task force organized while planning the Return to Workplace strategy
  • Understand the needs of employees and tailor their transition experience accordingly
  • Coordinate cross-departmental efforts to track the readiness to reopen a location
  • Automate the employee workflows and communication during this transition
  • Enable self-help through employees’ channel of choice

Note: This pack requires entitlement to HR Case and Knowledge and Employee Service Center in order to install the update set. Entitlements to Lifecycle Events Enterprise is highly recommended in order to adopt the delivered content as outlined in the Return to Workplace Solution Playbook.

Understanding the Return to Workplace Pack

The Return to Workplace Employee Experience Pack consists of an Employee Readiness Survey, a Visual Task Board for a Planning Taskforce, Workplace Readiness Final Checklist, HR Templates, Notification Content, and Knowledge Articles.

Engage Employees

Proactively inform employees with targeted campaigns about returning to the workplace in the Employee Service Center (ESC). This allows you to gather employee feedback and take action with communications and process changes. Specific to COVID-19, employers will be able to provide easy access to information on health and safety.

Automate Steps for Returning

Digitize processes for returning including employee and workplace readiness with Enterprise Onboarding and Transition, Experience Packs, and Workplace Service Delivery. Employers are able to plan for and manage return to workplace across functions including assigning and tracking tasks.

ServiceNow Return to Workplace Taskforce Planning screenshot

Provide an Employee-Ready Working Environment

Ensure the sanitation and readiness of the workplace with Workplace Service Delivery and Checklists. Gain visibility into compliance with current health and safety guidelines, even across state lines.

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Return to Workplace Employee Experience Pack preview