Customer Service Management

Does Your Customer Experience Need a Revamp?

We are all consumers. We’ve waited in lines, we’ve had the pains of returning items online, and we’ve waited on the phone, pressing 1 and 2 and 1 again, just to talk to a real person.

But we’ve also breezed through online purchases or walked up to a counter where the employee is able to access all your information to process your return (without needing to run and get their manager).

The point is – customer service experiences are a fact of life and they matter. A lot.

This is exactly the approach ServiceNow has taken in their Customer Service Management (CSM) product. They put the common, disjointed, manual processes in the hot seat, and provide alternative methods through machine learning, workflows, and virtual agents to make sure that customer experiences are seamless.

The following is a short excerpt from ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management Datasheet. To continue reading the full document click here. 

Customer service is a team sport

In today’s competitive environment, providing excellent customer service is a key differentiator. And today’s customer expectations go far beyond what traditional customer relationship management (CRM) systems deliver.

To provide an end-to-end, high-quality experience, a new approach is needed, one that moves beyond simply managing customer contacts and individual interactions. The modern customer service organization must connect to every corner of the enterprise, working across the entire company to diagnose, fix, and even prevent issues. By working cross-functionally to fix problems for many customers at once instead of addressing issues one-at-a-time, customer service can respond faster to customer concerns with real solutions. And they can move beyond day-to-day demands to deliver proactive strategies that drive real business improvement and growth.

With ServiceNow Customer Service Management, you can provide proactive, end-to-end service, resulting in increased customer satisfaction while reducing case volume and costs.

Drive actions to instantly take care of common requests

Customers today want to engage using the channel of their choice. They seek quick solutions on their schedule, not yours.

The Customer Service Management out-of-the-box customer service portal offers a customizable online service experience. Empower your customers with fast and personalized self-service, making it easy to:

  • Perform common requests such as address changes, warranty registrations, and password resets with the service catalog, using visual workflow and automation to orchestrate front-and back-end processes
  • Provide answers in a conversational format with Virtual Agent (chatbot)
  • Discover solutions by engaging with peers and experts in Communities
  • Find answers to common issues in Knowledge Management

When customers prefer assisted support through channels such as telephone, email, or chat, omnichannel advanced work assignment will automatically assign their cases to the most appropriate agent based on availability, capacity, and skills. The machine learning capabilities in Agent Intelligence will automate the categorization, prioritization, and assignment of cases, eliminating the need for customers to select a category and priority for their issue while quickly getting their problem to the appropriate agent.

There’s more…

Great customer service is a top priority and delivering it shouldn’t be complicated. By downloading the whole datasheet, you’ll learn more about ServiceNow Customer Service Management (plus get graphics and examples) and you’ll see how it can help you transform your business today.

Plus, Acorio’s CSM Practice Lead, Ajay Gautam, and ServiceNow Architect, Richard Norton, are teaming up for a ServiceNow Customer Service Webinar to teach you how to revolutionize your customer experience. Join in to find out what your customers are looking for, learn about common customer frustrations (and how to prevent them) and review a handful of CSM use cases we see with our clients.

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