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Fortune100 Gift Card Company Adds a Service Portal Phase to Customer Service Initiative [Service Portal eBook excerpt]

You have one shot to make a good first impression when unveiling a new Service Portal, so it’s critical to get the design done right on the first try. The user experience of your Service Portal is what brings the tool to life, and if users have trouble learning to use the system or they don’t like its interface, the harsh reality is that they won’t move to adopt the new platform. So how can you avoid spending thousands of dollars of your budget on a project only to have your team complain about the final product? The key is thoughtful design.  

Planning for Success 

Before you can roll out a successful portal, it’s critical that your team considers different options for layout design, to ensure you are creating a portal that will work best for your specific organization.  

Which bring us to today’s blog: an excerpt from our eBook of ServiceNow Service Portals, full of photos and real-world examples of how different organizations are utilizing this ServiceNow tool to better serve their users.   

Last year, we were thrilled to unveil a Service Portal Look Book as a source of inspiration for users, with examples of Service Portals we developed for Acorio customers. Recently, we revamped the book with updated client work so that you can keep up with the latest and greatest portal trends in the ServiceNow community.  

Today’s blog shares one of the customer stories from our latest version of the portal eBook – keep reading to learn about how this Fortune100 company is using their Service Portal to modernize customer service.  

Fortune100 Gift Card Company Adds a Service Portal Phase to Customer Service Initiative  

This Fortune 100 company leads the prepaid, gift card, and payments industry. Their main objective is to create solutions, technology, management, and distribution of these branded value items (such as gift cards or telecom and financial services products). Their model is such that they reach customers not only online but in-store. 

The Service Portal for this company was actually the second phase of a larger Customer Service Management initiative. Phase one was the initial implementation of the CSM product. Take a look at the screenshots below to see how they are using their portal to track cases and provide their team with easy-access to company resources.  

Seeing is Believing  

ServiceNow Service Portal phase Case Management screenshot on laptop


As displayed above, this company has optimized case management with their new portal, enabling their team to access a clear overview of all open cases to quickly get to the information they need. 

ServiceNow Service Portal case management screenshot on tabletWith these automated graphs at the tips of their fingers, employees have round-the-clock access to insights on the number of active cases by contact type, call category and case numbers over a specific time period without ever having to request them. ServiceNow automatically visualizes key metrics for your team and organizes them onto a shared page with other helpful resources like support articles and help request forms, making it easier for your employees to get answers faster than ever.  

Like what you see? To view more examples of client Service Portals we’ve created, download our complete Service Portal eBook. Inside, you’ll be able to quickly dive into several client stories and learn how companies today are reworking their customer service initiatives to include and expand Service Portal functionality. 

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