Service Portal Look Book

UX Design in Action – A New Service Portal Look eBook

12 Days of Giving is still going strong, and today we’re launching our brand new ServiceNow Service Portal eBook! Dive into the beautiful world of UX Design, plus learn the business case for a thoughtfully-designed Service Portal.

The book features four Acorio clients, and their live ServiceNow Service Portals, walking through the UX Design thought process for each of their unique business goals and needs.

Make The Right First Impression

Wherever you are on your ServiceNow journey, your Service Portal is the most visible, user-facing element of your ServiceNow platform.

UX Design Service Portal eBook CoverAs the adage goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression – and that holds true for your Service Portal. If you want to drive users to adopt your new platform, you need to get it right (the first time).

Even if you’ve been using ServiceNow for years, having a thoughtfully-designed Service Portal is closer than you think. Building out a portal that is grounded with the needs of your specific users and can go along with any of the Enterprise modules can be done with the correct approach and guidance.

By combining your business goals with core principles of User Experience (UX), and perhaps some strategic custom widgets, you can construct a pretty exceptional Portal in as little as three weeks!

The Acorio design team has been building UX Experiences on the ServiceNow platform for 5+ years, all of which are grounded in decades of design research and actual data on how clients use their Service Portals. From small, single module Portals to Larger Enterprise-wide examples that you see here today, our team pulls from top UX Design theories and best practices.

To get your imagination flowing, we asked them for four of their favorite client examples and put together this look book to show you what’s possible in the world of Service Portal design.

UX Design in Action

You’re creating a Service Portal with a specific audience and goal in mind. For example, you might want your employees to access and sign onboarding content, or you want customers to log and resolve minor delivery issues on their own.  As a result, the Portal you’re designing should make sense, be easy to use, and empower users to accomplish that business goal.

At a very, very high level, that’s what we’re talking about when we say “UX.”

Sometimes it’s easier to explain that concept by ruling out what UX is not. Creating a UX Design for your portal is not just making things pretty. You can have the most visually appealing website around, but if no one understands how to use it, then not only is it a bad experience for your users, but it’s also an unproductive one. (Designers call this form over function).

Instead, the design and layout of your Service Portal should bring to life how you want them to use the tools, and guide them down distinct paths using layout, colors and intuitive thought sequences. The best UX empathizes with your portal visitors and prioritizes their needs (often before they realize they need anything at all).

That sounds simple, but good user design is a practice of marrying rigorous user-testing, complete functionality, and compelling User Interface (UI) design to fulfill a set of business-oriented goals.

But you didn’t come here for a theoretical discussion of the meaning of UX Design (though it is a pretty cool discussion…)

Let’s jump right to the good part. Read on to see UX Design in action, with Acorio’s UX Teams favorite Service Portals of the past year.

“UX is the intangible design of a strategy that brings us to a solution.”

Service Portal Look Book

Ultimately, the key to any good UX project, whether it be a ServiceNow Service Portal or your own company website, is marrying form and function to create a good User Interface (UI) – or the actual page that your visitors are looking at.

As promised, here are some of Acorio’s UX Team’s favorite ServiceNow Service Portals, from our very own customers.

Blue UX Media Service Portal on LaptopGlobal Non-Profit Media & Education Organization

As one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational enterprises in the world, this company’s mission is the promotion of environmental and historical conservation, world culture, and history. With business assets ranging from print magazines to TV channels, research projects and events, museum exhibits and a website, they seek to transcend the borders of traditional academia and bring content to the greater, worldwide, population.

Their ServiceNow Service Portal goal? To create a unified catalog experience by incorporating multiple business functions into a single Portal view. This included the entire range of the enterprise, from IT to Facilities. The unified Portal provided support for multiple Knowledge Portals, with the Knowledge Management portal plugin.

Overall, the design was driven by the company’s corporate brand identity and public facing web presence, using well-defined and pre-documented brand identity guidelines.

Read What the Experts Have to Say

Download the complete eBook to see Portal layouts, mobile views, and more examples from Media to Higher Ed to Manufacturing and back again.UX Design Service Portal eBook