Service Portal Lookbook Preview

Christmas in July: Redefining Service Awareness with ServiceNow Service Portal

When it comes to the ServiceNow platform, Service Portals are one of those unique topics where the best part isn’t just that you get to read about them or learn the theories and strategies behind them, but you also get to see them. See the colors and the layouts. See the functionality and the personalizations. Which is why nearly two years ago we created our first-ever Service Portal Lookbook (actually – we created it for the Christmas in July sister campaign, 12 Days of Giving). Since then, we have updated the eBook annually, to bring you more and more inspiration for your own Service Portal.

So for the last day of our 2020 Christmas in July, we’re bringing you the newest edition, which gives you a peek inside the business requirements and goals for the following companies:

  • A world-renowned university
  • A fortune 1000 gift card company
  • An international life science organization
  • A popular international winery
  • An American leader of organic products

Your Service Portal is perhaps the most important element of your Platform. It’s how your team will access your workflows, and how you deliver your apps via a modern, easy to use Portal that can be accessed from any device, any time. Plus, your employees and customers can easily access any knowledge base with one intuitive search and call to actions.

But – your Portal is only as valuable as the number of employees or customers that use it. So, as more and more companies strive to create centralized hubs for their users, what successes do they see and what challenges are they having to overcome?

This is a book that you have to see to believe. To jump in and see the Portals, download the eBook here, or get a peek into one client story below.

World-Renowned University Adds Service Portal to Their ITSM Initiative to Increase Service Awareness.

This world-renowned university is known for their global, experiential, and research-focused curriculums. The institution has approximately 20,000 undergraduate and 10,000 graduate students across their main campus in Boston, Massachusetts plus several satellite campuses around the globe.

Under a new CIO, the university went live with ServiceNow ITSM, including Incident, Problem, Change, Request, and Service Catalog. Since all students, faculty, and staff were end-users of ServiceNow it was important for the university to create an enhanced self-service Service Portal that allows users to be more aware of services and resources offered by the university, as well as improve their overall digital presence within the university.

It was particularly important to the institution to stay closely aligned with out-of-the-box (OOB) functionality as well as take advantage of ServiceNow’s SEO tags to enhance searchability. Some of our favorite details of this university’s Portal include the new homepage, the Request menu page that has a widget to show catalog items for each menu item and the ticket status page with simple details like status and timelines to help users know where their request stands. The upgraded Portal also includes new Incident Task and Approvals status update pages and a lot of backend service category detail descriptions (that even include links to related articles in that category).

Ready to see what their portal looks like? Check out the full story and Portal images here.

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