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Service Portals in Action: Tips and Examples from our Experts [New Video]

It’s hard to believe it’s August already and you’ll have to wait another year for our next Christmas in July content giveaway. Last week we shared a newly updated Service Portal Look Book to conclude the annual event.  

Today, we’re upping the ante and bringing you even more Service Portal content in the form of a video. This time we partnered with the Acorio Service Portal team to film this “Service Portal Snippets” video to provide our followers with insights and tips straight from our experts. In this twelve-minute video, our Service Portal team walks through two examples of successful ServiceNow service portals, pointing out the key differentiating features that make these portals shine.  

ServiceNow Service Portal has come a long way since its beta release in Geneva and its official release in Helsinki. Those origins are a far cry from anything we see today in Orlando. Now with campaigns, system outages notifications, and content widgets – you can transform a simple portal into a central intranet for your company. While Acorio already offered these capabilities as custom widgets, we’re excited to show examples of what functionalities you can now get from ServiceNow’s service portal offering right out of the box. These two examples display similar widgets but with totally different brand identities – they’re sure to get you imagining the possibilities for your organization’s Service Portal.  

So if you’re looking to implement Service Portal, or just get some design inspiration for your current portal, take a moment to watch as our experts personally guide you through projects our team has built. Our Service Portal team has also put together resources on KPI’s you should be tracking and how to provide a strong UX experience.  

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