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One ServiceNow Datum You Need to See Before You Leave for Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving week. So while half of the workforce is sprinting to turn things in before Thursday, the other half is already done for the week and is driving across the country (and sitting in some traffic) in hopes of seeing family.

Either way, I’ll keep this one short.

Before you head out for the week, here is one statement to turn over in the back of your mind.


One of the most critical insights in this year’s survey data reinforces how much the ServiceNow platform is spreading in the enterprise, with Customer Service Management (CSM) and HR Service Delivery (HRSD) deployment both growing by six percent, and Security Operations (SecOps) by five percent.

That’s not to say that ServiceNow has left its IT roots behind. Nearly 94 percent of all organizations responding to this year’s survey are leveraging ServiceNow in their IT departments (including IT Service Management and IT Operations Management), further validating the critical role ServiceNow is playing in an organization’s efforts to improve efficiency and satisfaction of all touchpoints.

“In the next year we plan on bringing all HR working groups onto the ServiceNow platform, launch an employee Self-Service Portal, and integrate with Workday.” –HR Professional at an Education Organization

ServiceNow is one of very few platforms (and certainly the leader in the space) that empowers these organizations to work in a single tool and share data and workload, A “platform of platforms,” According to new CEO Bill McDermott, part of ServiceNow’s competitive advantage is how extensible it is to solve IT issues, Customer Issues, Human Capital Management issues, etc. because it was built on a fully-integrated holistic platform that drives real productivity in the enterprise.

In the enterprise. That’s such a holistic statement isn’t it? Better yet, the data from our 2019 Insight and Vision Survey proves how ServiceNow is growing to be throughout the enterprise. In our 2019 Survey;

  • 74% of companies use 2 or more ServiceNow products (compared to 54% in 2018)
  • 54% of companies use 3 or more ServiceNow products (compared to 27% in 2018)
  • 31% of companies use 4 or more ServiceNow products (compared to 12% in 2018)

Think about that over Thanksgiving.

Looking for more insights (and some light reading material to focus on instead of doing the dishes)? Check out our 2019 ServiceNow Insight and Vision Executive Summary.

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