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6 Steps (and 23 Resources) to Jump Start Your ServiceNow Transformation

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With January over, it’s high time to make sure you have the best plan to use ServiceNow to take advantage of the 11 months left in the year.

I admit, at first glance, today’s blog is on the longer side, but I promise it’ll be worth your time. We’ve packaged all of the major tools you need to make 2020 the year your ServiceNow environment shines. From writing RFPs to planning roadmaps, or upgrading your instance and honing your product expertise, we have an abundant library of eBooks (plus some webinars and workbooks) ready to help make 2020 your best year yet.

Step 1: Learn emerging platform trends (or, learn what the heck ServiceNow is).

They say the beginning is a very good place to start, so if you’re new to the platform or are looking for more general resources on ServiceNow, we have a multitude of eBooks ranging from a ServiceNow Glossary for decoding the platform lexicon to a ServiceNow primer which provides a comprehensive overview of the platform and its various functions.

But, if you’re already familiar with the platform, it might be time to jump into some resources that cover more in-depth platform trends. If you’re looking to learn more about platform trends and get your finger on the pulse of ServiceNow happenings, consider taking a look at our ServiceNow Insight & Vision Report for 2019.

This eBook is the first of its kind, a full-scale analysis of ServiceNow with data directly from its users. Summarizing feedback from over 400 respondents, the report dives deep into the impact of both Enterprise Service Management and the ServiceNow platform across the globe and explores how it’s embraced across the Enterprise (from IT to Customer Service and HR to Business Management and SecOps), but most importantly, it looks at how ServiceNow is actually working inside your peers’ businesses today.

We also offer an Executive Summary of the report, which boils the larger report down into 7 key platform trends.

Step 2: Find the right partner and get your RFP off the ground.

Once you’ve decided to take the next step to get your ServiceNow project started, it’s time to find the right partner to help you develop a plan. For this step, we recommend our eBook How to Write an RFP for a Successful ServiceNow Implementation. With this eBook, you’ll get an RFP template aimed at generating thoughtful RFP responses by covering key parts of implementations, including a project timeline, key metrics (both general and product-specific), and proposed response requirements. With this RFP template, you’ll gain insights on how to write a thorough RFP that goes beyond finding a suitable vendor to ensures you find a partner that truly understands your business’ goals.

Step 3: Get your budget and project approved.

Getting your project approved is one of the toughest hurdles to jump in any ServiceNow implementation. It can be overwhelming to try and develop a business case by yourself, but with our “Get Started” Pitch Deck you aren’t alone. We’ll help you get the ball rolling on your ServiceNow business case with these free presentation slides that cover your project vision, roadmap to success, and ServiceNow ROI.

Step 4: Plan for success.

As Consultants, it’s no surprise we love to strategize, organize, and plan ahead. These four eBooks are great tools for those looking to develop a roadmap and strategy for implementing ServiceNow in their organization:

Thinking about upgrading?

While not an official step in launching your ServiceNow transformation, upgrading is a critical part of planning for your continued success. Luckily, we have several eBooks to help you along the way once it’s time to upgrade your ServiceNow instance. Acorio releases a new eBook for each ServiceNow release. Use them to catch up on new platform functionalities and quickly read up on the need-to-know rollouts for each upgrade. Here are our last two release eBooks, which cover New York and Madrid upgrades.

We also have an upgrade checklist that you can download. Although the checklist mentions the London upgrade, its steps are tried and true for any current or future releases. This six-phased checklist will walk you through the upgrading process from beginning to end, and you’ll be left empowered to create a project plan and prep your development and production instances. Download the eBook here to learn everything you need to know about the upgrading process.

Step 5: Hone and expand your product expertise.

We’ve already discussed how clients are utilizing more functions of the platform; it’s no secret that this trend is evolving into a platform norm.

Now that you’ve gotten your ServiceNow instance off the ground and are headed towards greater digital transformation, it’s time to start exploring other ServiceNow functions and applications. Take a look below for some comprehensive overviews of HR, CSM, ITSM, ITOM and more to see how the expanding platform can solve your business initiatives. From empowering employee experience to securing your workplace, we have an eBook for each of your 2020 business resolutions:

HR Service Delivery

According to a 2016 study, 83% of HR leaders said employee experience is important or very important to an organization’s success. Make sure your HR department isn’t left behind from the digital transformation that sweeps the rest of your organization. Learn more about how ServiceNow can improve employee engagement, streamline HR support, and help with recruiting and hiring the best team possible.

Customer Service Management

Did you know that each year poor customer service results in US companies losing a collective 75 billion dollars?   We all know it’s important to keep your clients happy. One study even reports 33% of customers will consider switching service providers after just one instance of poor customer service. If you’re ready to stop losing customers and money, take a look at our eBook that provides specifics on the business case for ServiceNow’s CSM application.

Not yet convinced to take the plunge? That’s okay. Take a look at our CSM Overview eBook to get a deeper understanding of why this application is a must-have for businesses in the digital age.

IT Service Management

ITSM is central to the ServiceNow platform. It’s responsible for delivering IT services and IT productivity, so you have to get it right if you want your system to be quick and efficient. Now, ITSM is also a major supporting player to ServiceNow’s bigger platform elements like HRSD and CSM. Based on 7 ServiceNow customers with ITSM, ITOM, and Performance Analytics experience, Forrester Research reported in their Total Economic Impact Study, The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow, April 2017 that:

  • ServiceNow allowed for $9.7m in IT productivity improvements.
  • ServiceNow allowed for $3m in automation efficiencies.
  • There is a 195% ROI over 3 years for ServiceNow customers using ITSM, ITOM, and Performance Analytics.

To learn about how you can use ServiceNow’s ITSM to lay the groundwork for a complete ESM transformation, download our ITSM eBook:

IT Operations Management

The root of ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) is the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), essentially the foundation of the ServiceNow platform. As the underlying database powering everything from Asset Discovery to Agent Intelligence, the CMDB powers the majority of the ServiceNow platform, and yet, we still see many ServiceNow customers with a CMDB that is plagued by issues that prevent it from providing the desired organizational value.

Looking for more tips to set your ServiceNow platform up for success? Take a look inside our CMDB eBook to learn the “Three C’s” central to powering successful CMDB programs: Completeness, Correctness, and Compliance.

User Experience

With ServiceNow’s Service Portal, you can deliver your apps through a modern, easy-to-use portal that can be accessed from any device, any time. Plus, your users can easily access any knowledge base with one intuitive search and call to actions. But, your Portal tools are only as valuable as the number of employees and customers who use them.

To gain adoption, the Portal needs to be modern and compelling in design, and reflect the company’s branding. It also needs to be technically sound, with rigorous user testing to overcome any failures in the functionality.

This is where User Experience (UX) Design comes in. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of UX design concepts, these two eBooks focus on UX Strategy and offer some examples of different ServiceNow Service Portals:


ServiceNow’s SecOps enables you to quickly identify, prioritize, and respond to security threats. Not only that, you can resolve these threats based on what the potential impact an incident or vulnerability could have towards your organization. As if that’s not compelling enough, take a look at these stats from Forrester Research’s Total Economic Impact Study, The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow Security Operations, January 2018, where ServiceNow clients interviewed reported:

  • $4.7m in savings because of ServiceNow.
  • 45% faster security incident response.
  • 25% faster vulnerability response.
  • 60% faster prioritization of vulnerabilities.
  • $1.8m estimated annual savings for the typical customer.

 Take a look at our SecOps eBook to learn more about how you can use ServiceNow’s SecOps to secure your workplace.

Asset Management

According to our 2019 ServiceNow Insight and Vision Survey, 46% of ServiceNow users have an Asset Management component to their environment. And it’s clear why; the management of assets is essential to any enterprise, and mistakes can quickly turn into sizable, unplanned expenses.

For those interested in getting more information about ServiceNow’s Asset Management, we developed an eBook to cover the full ServiceNow Asset product, including how to make a business case, how to know when you’re ready for Asset Management, creating an IT Asset and a SAM strategy, and even how ITAM and SAM work with other components of your ServiceNow environment.

IT Business Management

Most organizations want to decrease cost and man-hours but aren’t sure how to define a clear plan to get the job done efficiently. ServiceNow ITBM is a suite of applications that organizations can employ and leverage to make more strategic business decisions. It allows you to reign in business processes and get real-time reporting to help more effectively manage your business by collecting and analyzing the data necessary to make decisions.

We hope these tools are exactly what you need to get the ball rolling in 2020 and kick off the best year yet for your enterprise transformation.

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