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Your Extra Set of Hands for Ongoing ServiceNow Maintenance [AVA eBook]

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Have you just launched your first ServiceNow Platform? Or maybe you are a well-seasoned ServiceNow customer?

Either way, now the fun begins – you and your team begin to enjoy the fruits of your labor, improving company efficiency, and driving ROI.

At the same time, however, something interesting happens to many of our clients. Sure, it’s exciting to see the transformation that can happen with ServiceNow but sometimes all of that success can be, well… too successful. As the cost and efficiency savings start to pile up, other teams learn about the potential for ServiceNow transformation and jump on the bandwagon. Suddenly, new platform administrators are inundated with increasingly urgent requests from other departments, such as HR, Securities, Facilities, and Enrollment (and then some!). We find some clients can get quickly overwhelmed with the scale of their success and the changes that come with the platform.

In our Acorio Virtual Assistance ebook, Are you Fully Harnessing the Power of ServiceNow? 5 Common Scenarios That Trip up Our Customers (And How to Avoid Them!), we’ll walk you through the five most common scenarios that can overwhelm or delay your internal ServiceNow platform team. In each of these situations, we walk you through:

  • The general challenge facing admins and platform owners
  • What’s preventing you from taking full advantage of ServiceNow’s potential in your company
  • The most important questions you should be asking your partner to keep you on the right track
  • Common hints to ensure you’re getting the right kind of support to set you up for success.

The following is just one of the common scenarios we talk about in Acorio Virtual Assistance ebook, Are you Fully Harnessing the Power of ServiceNow? 5 Common Scenarios That Trip up Our Customers (And How to Avoid Them!).

An Extra Set of Hands for Ongoing ServiceNow Maintenance

You’ve finally got your instance up and running, and you think you’re finally in the clear…

While it feels good to be done, your work isn’t over yet. It’s important to have an outside opinion come in and give you some feedback on your ServiceNow instance. Working with a partner can help you execute “non-projects” in your ServiceNow roadmap and/or explore how viable it is to add additional elements or functionality to your instance.

The Solution

By partnering with a ServiceNow Consultancy, your company can work with an outside group of specialists to receive good advice based on experience and best practices within the ServiceNow ecosystem. You get a new set of eyes and an objective perspective on how your instance is running on an ongoing basis.

Tips to Maximize Your Support

  • Focus on collaboration: For your support needs, we recommend looking for a virtual assistance program that creates a casual and collaborative environment between your team and your partner. This is important because your partner should have a broad and deep bench of technical and process professionals ready to assist in their area of expertise. If your partner does not have this, you’re limiting the return on your investment.
  • Approach projects in a structured manner: Don’t make the mistake of using an unplanned or unstructured approach to the non-project enhancements. Do your homework and explore all of your options so you know exactly how your changes will affect your workspace. When picking a partner, keep an eye out for which ones encourage this type of due diligence. While this may seem like an unnecessary addition of work, these proactive measures will save your team many headaches in the future.
  • Check progress regularly: Get routine maturity assessments to see if your team’s process can be improved. On a cumulative basis, little optimization efforts can save significant time and money. One path is to implement a quarterly or bi-annual “Sanity Check” to confirm you’re taking full advantage of your ServiceNow platform, and address any new corporate goals or priorities that have come up in the interim.
  • Solve for the long term: The biggest issues we see facing some kinds of ServiceNow support processes is when clients (or partners) take on a mini-project to solve a short-term need within paying attention to the downstream repercussions. Just like customization, coding cannot exist in a vacuum. Even minor changes should include controls to manage your overall platform. (And, trust us, the most you change, the more thankful you will be for the right governance processes!)

Questions to Ask Your Partner

1. After looking at your needs, how many implementations and re-engineering solutions have your team performed (in your areas of need)?

2. What is your build process? Do you gain requirements then build or are there checkpoints in the build process?

3. How many Health Checks have your company performed? What was the percentage of those that engaged your services after you completed the Health Check?

4. How many Health Checks have your company performed? What was the percentage of those that engaged your services after you completed the Health Check?

Acorio’s Virtual Assistance Program (AVA) for ServiceNow

Find out how an experienced set of hands can help you drive efficiency and savings, and provide the right approach to plan, manage, and maximize your ServiceNow platform.

Full Disclosure: Acorio offers support for most of the following scenarios via our Acorio Virtual Assistance program (AVA). We find this service of expertise and support is invaluable for clients looking to launch their new ServiceNow platforms, maintain momentum for their current initiatives, or try to get a stalled (or runaway) project back on track.

AVA is also helpful for clients just looking for an experienced set of hands to supplement their existing ServiceNow team.

There are a number of companies who offer varying degrees of virtual support or assistance. While, of course, we think our AVA program is special, this advice would work with any support experience.

ServiceNow Virtual Assistance

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