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Christmas in July: ServiceNow Business Case Pitch Deck for Manufacturing

And that’s a wrap! Welcome to the bittersweet end of our annual Christmas in July content series. If you’re just catching up, don’t miss our $1k return-to-work wardrobe giveaway, plus exclusive content pieces like our 2021 ServiceNow Insight and Vision Report and an inside look at ServiceNow’s Financial Services Operations.

For our final day of Christmas in July, we’re giving away a ServiceNow Business Case Pitch Deck, exclusively tailored for manufacturing organizations. Keep reading for a sneak peek at its contents.

ServiceNow: Powering the Future of Manufacturing

The Manufacturing industry understands the power of automation better than any other vertical. Yet even the most mature companies still struggle with administrative tasks and operational processes that remain painfully manual.

Replacing these pen and paper processes with digital workflows is the calling of today’s Manufacturing organizations. A successful digital transformation tears down silos, unlocks enterprise-wide visibility, and connects the entire supply chain with R&D stakeholders to bring new, more innovative products to market faster.

As such, today’s manufacturing organizations are engaged in an endless race to gain a competitive advantage. Players in the industry are navigating Industry 4.0, increased trade complexities, continual global disruptors like natural disasters and pandemics, an aging workforce, and a widening skills gap.

Implementing an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) platform that can effectively navigate these complexities is essential to rise above the competition. Connecting your systems, people, and processes is the only way for manufacturing organizations to withstand the industry challenges they face today.

Check out these stats featured in our Business Case Pitch Deck:

  • Digitalization can deliver a 10% to 20% reduction in production and supply chain costs.
  • The top 10% of digital technology adopters grew faster than the bottom 25%.
  • Digitalization can deliver a 15% to 30% improvement in working capital.
  • Digitization can drive a 6% increase in revenue from productivity gains alone.

Today’s Manufacturers are faced with a wide array of challenges, but their potential for growth is boundless. In order to capitalize on this space, successful firms must position themselves to scale rapidly in a way that is sustainable for their organization.

Download our ServiceNow Business Case Pitch Deck for Manufacturing now to get more key insights, exclusive stats, and recommendations for the future.

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