Throne of Swords

Winter is Here and ServiceNow Sits on the Iron Throne

Acorio’s team is chock-full of ServiceNow experts, and while we’re mega fans of the software, ServiceNow’s platform isn’t the only thing that has us geeking out.  

With less than two weeks until the premiere of Game of Throne’s final season, we have a lot on our minds here at the office. There are a few of us that have been watching the trailers on repeat (don’t act like you haven’t).  

Whenever a new season rolls around we have plenty of evidence of the excitement and distraction (i.e. Slack threads and Sales team’s weekly episode recaps) to prove it. In anticipation for the grand final chapter to one of our favorite shows, we’ve started a discussion – what if each ServiceNow product was a Westeros and Essos family? Who would be ITBM? Who would be HR Service Delivery? 

Call us nerds, but, why wouldn’t you marry two of your favorite things?  

While ServiceNow may not have Bran’s ability to see into the future (but then again, their machine learning and automation is pretty damn close), or a team of dragons on its side, the platform still remains a powerful force to be reckoned with, just like these influential families fighting on the show. Take a look at our list below and tell us what you think!  

House Stark – ServiceNow’s IT Service Management (ITSM)

House Stark has maintained a stable presence ruling the North in the Seven Kingdoms since the first episode of Season 1, just like ITSM is a foundational pillar of the ServiceNow platform. ITSM transforms the impact, speed, and delivery of your IT with powerful force, not unlike the impressive fighting skills that Arya learned from her time at the House of Black and White. Inciting big changes to your company’s approach to work, ServiceNow’s ITSM delivers services that amaze your users, increase productivity, and achieve new insights (three-eyed-raven, anyone?).  

IT Service Management also groups key apps into packages that can grow as your needs change, and just like each of the Stark family kids, ITSM packages play well with other, easily integrating with remote desktop support projects and productivity tools. House Stark is noted for its honor, good-hearted people, and determination; and just like this iconic Game of Thrones House, ITSM is a dependable, steady force and an absolute fan favorite.  

House Targaryen – ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Implement ServiceNow’s ITOM and convert your IT into a proactive business partner, just like Tyrion is to Daenerys on the show. While ServiceNow’s Discovery is of a slightly different variety than that of last season’s cliff hanger (I’m referring to the most monumental identity reveal, like, ever.), the software’s ability to find apps and devices on your network and then update the CMDB with the information it finds will leave you just as speechless as the end of last season.  

ServiceNow’s Discovery feature gives your enterprise valuable insight, allowing you to see a holistic view of your operations footprint (think of this data as a high-level overview, your own visual from the sky, courtesy of Daenerys Targaryen’s Drogon) 

Additionally, ITOM’s Service Mapping maps the relationships between IT components and business services in dynamic environments; which sure would be helpful for keeping track of all the different relationships in the GoT series.  

Orchestration is essentially your personal army, working to automate IT processes, eliminate manual tasks, and remediate service issues.  

ITOM helps you gain visibility into your operations footprint, manage service health, and optimize service delivery and spending. In the show, Danerys has her dragons to give her visibility, health, and optimization for her war strategies, and when it comes to ServiceNow, ITOM offers similar powers, enabling your IT to be a proactive business partner rather than just a simple reactive team.  

House Lannister – ServiceNow’s IT Business Management (ITBM)

When it comes to ITBM and House Lannister, think of ServiceNow’s Performance Analytics as your personal Tyrion Lannister, tasked to help you anticipate trends and identify areas for improvement. Just like the Lannister’s are concerned with money and performance, ServiceNow’s ITBM works to align data, people, and goals to drive business outcomes. 

But that’s not where their similarities end; The Lannister’s are a self-assured bunch. In the same vein, ServiceNow’s ITBM results in a comparable sense of confidence. How could they not? ITBM will have you driving your business forward with accelerated results by aligning service and operations with company strategy. When it comes to ServiceNow’s ITBM and House Lannister, these two are savvy, cunning, and calculated. There’s no question as to why they both leave such strong impressions.  

House Tyrell – ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM)

Like the rose petals in their sigil, the Tyrells may appear as sweet-hearted, graceful and caring, but don’t be fooled by this first impression. In reality, this GoT family is cunning, manipulative, and ruthless. ServiceNow’s CSM enables quick and proactive issue resolution, which sounds pretty similar to what we’ve seen in the GoT series with Margaery and Olenna’s quick thinking and strategy-oriented mindsets.  

 Not only does ServiceNow’s CSM increase service efficiency, but it also boosts customer satisfaction, just like we saw the Tyrell’s do too when they finally finished the job we were all hoping that someone would: take care of King Joffrey Baratheon once and for all.    

House Martell – ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery (HRSD)

This ServiceNow area is a powerhouse, making it easy for employees to get service anytime, anywhere from any department. ServiceNow’s HRSD creates digital workflows to replace manual, siloed processes, slashing the need for paperwork in a way that is just as smooth and potent as the fighting skills of Oberyn Martell.  

While House Martell is known for its knowledge of potions and elixirs, ServiceNow’s HRSD is recognized for its ability to unlock enterprise-wide productivity and make it easy for employees to get the services they need. You don’t want to mess with either of these forces; the Martells of Dorne are the only house that didn’t fall to the Targaryens the first time around, so they’re pretty confident about their abilities (and rightfully so…), and HRSD delivers a next-generation employee experience (something you can’t afford to skip). So what are you waiting for? You definitely want both of these forces on your team.  

House Baratheon – ServiceNow’s Global Risk Compliance (GRC)

These two are both leaders in their fields: just like House Baratheon was able to overthrow the Targaryens from the Iron Throne, ServiceNow has established itself as a leader for Integrated Risk Management with its GRC (according to Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Integrated Risk Management.)  

This process area monitors, prioritizes, and automates responses to business risks in real time to ensure rapid identification and response time. And even better, its capabilities scale with your business by grouping key applications into scalable packages that can grow with you as your needs (or lineage to the throne) change. 

The Night’s Watch – ServiceNow’s Security Operations (SecOps)

Ok, this one is pretty obvious. Both of these entities are dedicated to protecting against external threats. Whether you’re fighting security threats or a mass of white walkers, you’ll definitely want these guys on your side.  

Just like the brave fighters in the Night’s Watch, ServiceNow’s Security Operations fortifies your system by enabling faster responses to security incidents, vulnerabilities, and risks. We may not all have a personal army or a colossal wall that’s 700+ feet tall and made of solid ice to protect us from our enemies, but not to fear – ServiceNow’s SecOps has you covered. This platform process area helps you to monitor and reduce your risk exposure with real-time visibility.  

The best part? SecOps brings security, risk, and IT together onto one platform. We’re hoping the Houses of Westeros can do the same in this final season to fend off the army of white walkers headed their way. And yes, we know that ~technically~ the Night’s Watch isn’t an official House of the show, but we had to include these guys – leaving them off the list just didn’t feel right. 

ServiceNow, Steadfast in the Iron Throne 

Although we’re sad to see Game of Thrones’ television legacy coming to a close, we’re happy to report that the ServiceNow platform isn’t going anywhere. This past year, the software was awarded #1 Most Innovative Company by Forbes Magazine; and reported in 2018 a year-over-year growth of almost 36%.  

With ServiceNow on the Iron Throne, we know that its process areas listed above would play nicely with each other, but unfortunately the same can’t yet be said for the original houses of the show.  

We hope that this season will prove that the houses of Westeros will finally be able to work together to fight against the white walkers, but truth be told we’ll be holding our breath until the season premiere.    

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