ServiceNow Go-Live Round-Up: 4 Success Stories covering HRSD, CSM, Custom Apps, and more!

ServiceNow never falls short of giving us things to celebrate. Whether it’s as big as an upcoming release (can you tell we’re excited for the Tokyo release this quarter?) or as simple as a workflow helping answer an employee question, we don’t expect anything less at this point. 

So, it’s no surprise to celebrate some of the successful Acorio Go-Lives we’ve seen over the last few months. With the powerful Now Platform, combined with Acorio’s team of ServiceNow experts, we’re pretty sure there’s no digital transformation initiative we can’t tackle.  

Read up on these client success stories from the past few months to inspire your next move, (and possible upgrade). Here are 4 project go-lives from the past few months that we’ll be celebrating all summer long.  

1. HRSD Completion for World-Renowned Health Center

This world-renowned health center came to Acorio in hopes of replacing their current Workforce Administration application with ServiceNow. Not only were they looking to reduce manual processes, but also to expand other HR services through workflows.  

Since this project’s last go-live in March, the Acorio team not only delivered on the client’s objectives to advance their HR centralization design and provide specialized support through several HR applications, but also became their UAT and OCM teams.  

With the adoption of additional HR services such as HR Agent Workspace and Virtual Agent, the client’s reached their goal after a whopping 121 enhancements.  

 2. Maturing Processes for Healthcare Non-Profit

With 250 physicians and more than 150,000 unique patients each year, this healthcare non-profit consulted Acorio after fast-tracking its initial ServiceNow implementation. 

This client looked to reassess their original ServiceNow investments in ITSM, SecOps, Facilities, and PA, and to create their near and long-term ServiceNow roadmap. Music to our ears. 

As a new client of Acorio, the A-team worked to evaluate the client’s current state by leading a series of 9 workshops, eventually making our own advisory recommendations.  

To get this client on track with their ServiceNow roadmap, we recommended a crawl/walk/run approach so the client could narrow down and prioritize their Advisory wish list, ultimately enabling the client to focus on deep-dive discussions that deliver the most value. 

3. A Custom Cyber Security App for a Multinational Aerospace Organization

This large aerospace and defense organization with 100,000+ employees was eager to automate manual processes like requesting, approving, tracking, and reporting updates to their suppliers’ cyber security status. They looked to ServiceNow to create a custom app to: 

  • Request individual supplier cyber security status updates in the Citizen Self Service (CSS) tool, to be routed for approvals and eventual updates in their organization’s system 
  • Enable mass updates to supplier cyber security status, to be routed for approvals and eventual updates 
  • Provide change logs (versioning), including attachments, for cyber security status changes 

The Acorio team worked to create two record producers on the Service Portal to meet individual supplier requirements, added modules to the application to leverage native ServiceNow file import functionality that enabled mass updates, and built logic into the workflow to create and manage supplier update version records and associated attachments.

Now, the organization is running smoothly and automatically solving for their suppliers.  

4. CSM Solution for Non-Profit Healthcare Organization

This client is busy operating a medical group, hospital system and several other healthcare facilities across state lines, so we completely understood and were happy to work with them again when they decided they wanted to implement a CSM solution.  

This project would transform the user experience for their employees and business users, as well as increase revenue, enable quicker support, and establish scalable solutions so their team can add additional customers overtime. 

For this go-live, our client implemented: 

  • CSM Solution 
  • Knowledge Management 
  • Two CSM Portals 

Due to an outstanding Acorio team of ServiceNow experts, a client relationship founded in trust, and a disciplined approach to project methodology, this implementation was delivered on time and under budget!

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