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ServiceNow Go-Live Roundup: 8 Project Rollouts from Q3 2020

2020 has been a rollercoaster, but our Acorio team has powered through: adjusting our projects to a completely-virtual format, balancing work with childcare and family time, and most importantly, having each others’ backs along every step of the way. This relentless commitment to our team and clients is what keeps Acorio rolling out successful Go-Lives for our customers even amidst a pandemic.  

For today’s blog, we’re taking a moment to highlight 8 implementations (ranging in size, industry, and ServiceNow products) that we have completed during the last few months.  As you read about these eight projects, we hope you see the ways in which Acorio truly commits to our clients, delivering solutions to tackle their biggest business challenges of today. 

IT Technology Company Implements CSM, FSM, ITSM, ITBM, CMDB

This IT company based in Maryland specializes in physical security; software development; managed services; cybersecurity; and infrastructure, with a focus on state government requirements. Expanding at a rapid rate, this client lacked a standardized process for realizing an accurate financial representation of their service projects. Without a detailed picture of the resources needed for current and upcoming projects, nor a clear understanding of the profitability of those projects, this IT company looked to ServiceNow to consolidate their existing systems into a single platform that would enable more standardization and visibility into their financials. 

Although this client had experience monitoring and managing ServiceNow instances for their clients, this was a net-new implementation of ServiceNow for their team. After launching Phase 1 of the project with Field Service Management, Customer Service Management Core, and IT Business Management components, the Acorio team was able to implement Phase 2 with the launch of ITSM, Full CSM, CMDB, Portal, and Integrations.  

For a company with fewer than 300 employees, this Go-Live was a significant undertaking, and Acorio worked closely with the client’s ServiceNow Admins to deliver a stable platform allowing them to utilize key functionality and easily plug in their new systems over from their retired back-end ERP and CRM systems. 

Even though COVID-19 impacts hit just before the start of Phase 2’s workshops, our team quickly adjusted to provide completely remote workshops and assist the client team as they transitioned to a fully-remote workforce. Additionally, following Phase 1, ServiceNow’s Orlando upgrade went live and the client identified several key benefits of the release, so Acorio accommodated an Orlando Upgrade prior to Phase 1’s Go-Live and starting work on Phase 2.  

Pet Retailer Implements ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace App to Ensure the Safety of their Team

After more than 50 years of service, this American pet specialty retailer manages 26,000 employees across its 1,500+ locations in North America. In response to COVID-19, this organization was looking for a solution that could help their HR team enable employees to safely return back to their office. With a very aggressive timetable and limited internal resources available, this firm partnered with Acorio to get their solution up and running in just three short weeks.  

The ever-evolving COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC had the client’s Legal and HR teams adjusting requirements for questionnaire and email notifications daily, but Acorio rolled easy and adjusted our timeline to accommodate this fast-paced project and its unpredictable requirement changes. The biggest challenge from this Go-Live was when our Delivery team discovered that the client’s instance was on Madrid, which does not support the ServiceNow Mobile App, preventing the use of the Mobile App and QR code functionality. Instead, Acorio deployed the Employee Health Screening app from the Safe Workplace suite for this client on their ServiceNow platform. The result? Employees receive an email with a link to the questionnaire to be completed at home. If they pass, employees will receive a mobile-friendly email that is valid for that day. This mobile-friendly email is presented and verified by front desk staff to allow them into the building. 

More specifically, due to the needs required by their safety team, this client only allows individuals into the office every other week. Acorio developed a flexible solution to manage this and to onboard new locations ad-hoc as needed. Acorio also helped deploy the Safe Workplace Dashboard product from ServiceNow in a limited capacity so that the client team could view their screening statuses for their locations, along with COVID-19 data near their locations. 

We are so happy to see this firm’s employees safely back in the office and the organization working to further develop their ServiceNow platform functions. 

Digital Entertainment Company Updates and Expands their Service Portal 

This multi-national digital entertainment company was a seasoned ServiceNow user looking for guidance and technical development support for their Service Portal expansion. The client’s main objective for the project was to provide their Global Service Operations teams with a modern Portal experience and expanded catalog services. Having previously been through a successful Acorio-led engagement, they called us back to lead them towards achieving this new goal. 

A Go-Live was originally scheduled for early October, but due to multiple company initiatives launching in October, the customer requested an accelerated timeline for the end of September. Our Acorio team was both flexible and committed to the Go-Live plan and ensured a successful launch. As a result, this client now has a strong Portal (delivered all on budget and ahead of schedule) that provides a modern, intuitive experience for users and acts as a scalable foundation for future expansion.  

National Grocery Chain Refreshes Their Portal 

Looking to refresh their CSM and GIO portals, this national grocery store chain partnered with Acorio to modernize the design of their existing portals. In addition to refreshing their portals, this client was looking to establish a centralized location for links, resources, and communications – and incorporate some of the new features in their CSM portal.  

The Acorio team met with the client for multiple iterative design meetings to build an approved virtual design, then we moved to configure custom widgets and out of the box set up of Communities for their store Portal. Finally, we branded and configured the Service Portal with the client’s branding guidelines and imagery to deliver the completed solution! The client was very excited about bringing an upgraded look to their portals.  

ITBM Implementation for Regional Hospital 

This regional hospital was looking for a ServiceNow partner to reset their ITBM to out of the box functionality and implement Demand, Resource Management and Project workflows. The client had several business objectives for the project; the first was to enable IT Management and Staff to efficiently manage work and capacity for IT Strategic Planning, Implementation and Operations. Secondly, the client was looking for a way to enable Executive Management with visibility into IT Operational Health, Project Prioritization, Planning, and Progress.  

Acorio worked to deliver Ideation and Demand Management, Project and Portfolio Management, Resource Management, and a custom dashboard for Demand Planning. Beyond the technical solution, we also provided training and artifacts for Demand, Project, and Resource Management.  

As a result of their successful Go-Live, this regional hospital increased confidence among internal stakeholders in their IT department’s ability to effectively deliver and reliably support IT Services. Furthermore, our foundational, phased approach to this ITBM implementation has set the basis for maturity over time.  

UX Revamp for Medical Insights Company 

This American medical insights company had a well-established, company-wide usage of ServiceNow. After configuring their original Portal back in 2018, Acorio partnered with this client to “relaunch” their Portal, revamping it to serve as a new one-stop shop for employees needing IT assistance. 

First, Acorio worked with the client to send out a survey to their employees to gauge feelings about the user experience of the portal. Next, we hosted focus group sessions to delve into survey feedback and review proposed changes in a wireframe. Then the project team made recommendations for Catalog items and categorization standardization, and created user stories and wireframes for improved portal experience. Through this process, our research showed the client would need to make organizational changes and update their platform to follow updated best practices so that they could start planning for phase 2 of their UX revamp.  

 We’re happy to report that the client’s project management team agreed with the stories, wireframes, and recommendations provided, and Acorio is in talks for the project’s next phase. 

File Hosting Company Implements HAM, ITSM, and Event Requests 

With a plethora of work management tools, this national file hosting company pivoted to ServiceNow to replace their existing tools and run the business on a single platform. Knowing that this client was looking to take full advantage of the platform, Acorio partnered with their team to ensure the project laid a solid foundation for future platform expansion and growth.  

We began by implementing Hardware Asset Management (HAM) and IT Service Management (including Incident, Problem, Service Request, Knowledge, and Configuration Management). The team also configured integrations with Jira, Okta, and various other tools for the client. Lastly, Acorio created a custom developed solution for requesting and fulfilling global services related to corporate events. They have sought this capability for three years, and prior to the new solution, they labored under a highly manual, email oriented, and disjointed system. Needless to say, they’re elated with their new Event Requests functionality and overall solution.  

ITSM Reimplementation for National Food Manufacturer 

This American food manufacturer was looking to provide their employees with a modern, intuitive experience when interacting with IT Services. The Acorio team partnered with this client to reimplement their ITSM solution, with a strong focus on staying close to out-of-box functionality to ensure the maintainability of the solution. Other business objectives included: providing an efficient, enjoyable and useful experience for users; and delivering a solution that complemented with the client’s existing technology.  

The outcome was a complete success, and the client was very happy with the solution delivered by the Acorio team. Even as COVID-19 hit in the early stages of the project, unexpectedly sending their traditional, in-office IT department to work remotely, we were able to push live, on-time with a successful solution. Our ability to adjust and work closely with the client through these changes while delivering a comprehensive and quality solution has led to conversations regarding future ServiceNow projects with the client.  

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