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Industry Trends and Insights: Energy, Mining, and Utilities

While the ServiceNow platform offers organizations across every industry a generation-defining opportunity to digitally transform, the company has been steadily investing in and expanding its vertical offerings and is expected to continue that trend throughout 2021 and beyond. One needs to look no further than ServiceNow’s recent commitment to facilitate a smarter and faster way to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to know that the platform is increasingly invested in offering the most innovative, industry-specific solutions to its clients.

A quick note… the following blog and downloadable PPT focuses on the Energy and Utility industry, however, if this is not what you are looking for, we have additional insights and decks available, including:

ServiceNow’s Energy Sector Edge

ServiceNow is uniquely positioned to help Energy, Mining, and Utility companies breakdown silos, power top-down visibility, and enable transformative customer and employee experiences. Today, we’re exploring how ServiceNow can help Energy companies harness the power of connected operations to transform their business, and offering a sneak peek at our Energy Industry playbook, which comes packed with original research, advice from top analyst firms, and exclusive insights.

“Evolving business models, the economic landscape, developments in technology, and changes in consumer behavior mean our organization is constantly evolving. Our IT and digital teams needed to react to these changes faster than ever before to support the business vision.” – David Westwood, ServiceNow Platform Manager at National Grid, via ServiceNow

Organizations in the Energy sector are under pressure from all sides. Next-gen technology like distributed energy and various renewables are increasing competition, while public interest in environmental issues has been steadily pushing players in the industry towards committing to net-zero carbon emissions for some time. To offset the financial impact of these political, social, and economic pressures, ramping up operational efficiency is essential for today’s Energy enterprises.

Reducing cost, offering innovative services, and operating safely in the communities they serve is paramount to today’s Energy companies. Yet organizational silos, lack of key visibility, and costly legacy systems are slowing them down.

Understanding these issues, the ServiceNow platform enables Energy companies to:

  • Power operational excellence and resiliency
  • Excel at security and compliance
  • Elevate the customer experience
  • Deliver consumer-grade employee experiences

Here’s a sneak peek at three of the top challenges facing Energy organizations today from Industry Trends in ServiceNow: Your Energy & Mining Insights for 2021 & Beyond:

  • Changing infrastructure: Distribution infrastructures are changing as new technology emerges. Intelligently investing in the right tech and adapting in real-time remain a top priority.
  • Ensuring safety: as our energy systems become more connected, intelligent, and efficient enabled by new tech, they are also left vulnerable to exploitation by outside forces. Companies must ensure a safe and efficient operating model to mitigate this risk.
  • Reputational risk: Orgs faced increased pressure from consumers, environmental groups, investors, and governments to clean up their act and maintain transparency to ensure a better future.

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