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Business Management in the “App-for-That” Era

Digital transformation has brought about an ‘app-for-that’ era creating volumes of ‘big data’ that have forever changed the way that we form positions and make decisions.

The migration of business applications to the cloud has shifted accessibility from desktop to device, with mobile solutions untethering a large part of the corporate workforce… and unleashing the avalanche of security challenges that go along with that. This evolution of workplace technology has disrupted traditional management approaches with the resulting shift placing new mandates for the role of the CIO, in 2 ways – the first, a requirement to keep pace with demands for innovation from increasingly savvy business leaders across all areas of the organization.

The second, to lead through example by leveraging technology to manage the IT organization – one of the largest cost centers in almost every organization – like a business. That means defining a service offering with performance and quality standards, ensuring that costs of goods are controlled, so that ‘consumer’ pricing is competitive, managing ‘supply’ to meet client demands, and providing the data analytics required to support decision making and continuous improvement activities.

As CIO and CTO communities talked together about these common challenges, groups like the TBM Council were born to help provide technology leaders with standards and validated best practices to communicate the cost, quality, and value of IT investments to their business partners. It makes sense that, ServiceNow, the leader in IT Service Management, would lead the charge in the IT Business Management (ITBM) space, offering one of the most comprehensive, integrated platforms available to facilitate these recommended processes and provide a repository and basis for single-source metrics and data analytics.

Digital transformation and changing workplace trends have brought IT management to the forefront of our minds. The unlimited access we have to new programs, apps, and platforms have forever changed the way we make decisions.

Most organizations want to decrease cost and man-hours, but how can this be achieved realistically? ServiceNow ITBM is a suite of applications that organizations can employ and leverage to make more strategic business decisions. We all know there’s a huge difference between managing a single project and being able to manage an entire project portfolio. ServiceNow ITBM allows you reign in business processes and get real-time reporting to help more effectively manage your business by collecting and analyzing the data necessary to make decisions.

Below is an excerpt from our new eBook, The New CIO Mandate: The Business of Running IT for a New Era. In it, we explore some of the key advantages and capabilities of ServiceNow’s ITBM suite.

Understanding ITBM’s Impact

IT’s journey from a cost-center infrastructure shop to a digital transformation partner, with a chair at the strategic table, in such a short period of time has been remarkable. Even the CIO’s image has changed.

Today, we envision a polished leader who surfs the cutting edge of changes in technology and is a pioneer of the new cloud kingdom. That perception comes with a lot of responsibility, right? If the CEO looks to the CIO to be a key driver of competitive advantage through innovative technology who will protect intellectual property and data from cyber-security threats, it’s safe to bet that the expectation for that leader is to be running his or her organization with optimal efficiency, like a business, and to leverage technology to solve IT’s challenges just as IT prescribes to others.

No CIO can do this alone.

There needs to be clear direction to the organization, clear focus, and core metrics to monitor progress and identify challenges as they arise. Technology is the key to continual communication and transparency. Having this information at your fingertips in addition to a well-designed approach for how you’ll lead and manage within your organization is vital. It’s time to build an enterprise foundation for your organization that will guide you to current best practices, bring innovation that delivers efficiencies and effectiveness to your base processes, and scale as you grow, through integration with other platform capabilities.

In our new IT Business Management eBook, we’ll cover the areas that support these key themes and speak in specifics about best practices for implementing and using them. Ready to jump in?

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