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Top Ten New Developments in ServiceNow’s Jakarta [New Printable Bulletin]

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With its latest “destination,” the Jakarta upgrade, ServiceNow takes an ambitious journey that merits close attention by all its fellow travelers.

Jakarta releasing today might get you wondering what’s in store for you – and whether this is the time for you to upgrade?

You’re in luck, Acorio has the inside scoop! We were one of the exclusive partners asked to lead internal and external training sessions for Jakarta testing – which means that we have had a few months to explore the ins and outs of ServiceNow’s new features and functionality for you.

Jakarta makes significant leaps in three important areas: modernized ITSM that embraces the latest developments in data analytics and machine learning; seven new applications that extend the platform’s reach beyond traditional IT service management; and performance enhancements that make the platform easier and more rewarding to use.

While these changes are interesting, they will only matter to you if they align with your business goals. To help you figure that out, we created this Jakarta Release Bulletin, available to print or download here – that includes key details on what’s new in ServiceNow Jakarta, and what that means for your 2017 and 2018 business planning.

Before you download the full bulletin, here are the top ten new developments you should look out for on a journey to ServiceNow’s Jakarta.

Three new ITSM enhancements in ServiceNow Jakarta

1. Predictive Alerts move toward increased automation

The platform now applies a predictive engine that ingests service data and conducts data analyses to identify emerging trends that merit action. Consider Predictive Alerts as an important step toward applying machine learning to shift the workload from manual labor to automation.

2. Cloud Management takes on a growing sector of service

Jakarta gives cloud services its own set of functions for assigning roles, modeling and defining services, managing allocations, and tracking usage and expenses down to the individual user. IT never wants to be blindsided by inquiries on services it cannot see. Jakarta’s Cloud Management functionality extends ServiceNow’s visibility into a growing area of service responsibility.

3.  Expanded Benchmarking

With Jakarta, ServiceNow has expanded its reporting capabilities to offer benchmark data to opt-in participants. Should you choose to participate, you can improve accountability by comparing your performance data to the broader set of ServiceNow’s installed base benchmarks.

Seven new applications extend the power of the ServiceNow platform

Two major developments

1. Software Asset Management

By far the most significant of the six new apps, Software Asset Management is now a distinct application for managing software through their lifecycles, helping users track, manage, and control software licenses throughout the organization. Its most important feature, software title normalization, reconciles software nomenclature across all versions and releases. Built in MS SCCM Orchestration functionality allows you to easily integrate to automate software installs and removals.

Audits are never fun, but this functionality allows you to be prepared if/when the next one comes around. Title normalization makes it much easier to get a true picture of usage for appropriate license management. Greater visibility allows you to automate the harvesting and reallocation of unused licenses, and avoid potential penalties from audits of unauthorized software use.

2. Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

A new service portal, Project Portfolio Management allows you to define inter-project dependences and your own formulas for PPM ranking systems. A new Worker Portal makes it easier to record time worked, and provides better visibility on all current assignations. With the new PPM application, you can enjoy many of the most important functions of a PPM platform without having to invest in a standalone PPM solution.

Five (more) Apps of interest

1. Security Operations

Jakarta’s “Trusted Circles” function facilitates collaboration among authorized security personnel in a private, protected platform invisible to prying eyes.

2. GRC Vendor Management

The new release includes a Governance, Risk Management and Compliance module with a dashboard for 3rd-party risk assessment and management.

3. HR Onboarding and Transitions

Enhanced requests and prebuilt workflows standardize HR procedures and accelerate the time-to-productivity for new hires.

4. CSM Communities

Jakarta expands Istanbul’s new CSM powers with a closed social media platform, “Communities,” that allow ServiceNow customers to engage each other and share ideas.

5. Financial Reporting

New financial reporting capabilities can now allocate service costs by business unit.

Enhanced performance

  • Increased speeds of ~37% for forms and ~25% for returned list results.
  • Performance analytics through reports that include superior forecasting based on historical consumption.
  • A “guided tour designer” that allows you to add step-by-step learning tools to help users access and apply ServiceNow functions.

Are You Ready to Visit Jakarta?

If you are thinking of (finally) upgrading with the Jakarta release, or interested in additional details on what’s in store with the new upgrade, download our Jakarta Bulletin to learn what the top ten developments above mean for your business, plus more insider thoughts on what’s in store with the Jakarta release and beyond!

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