How to Land Your Dream Job at ServiceNow Knowledge19

You’re an expert at ServiceNow, so you probably know that your talents are in incredible demand. Are you looking to capitalize on your potential, and use those talents to find your dream job?

The good news is, in just a few days, the Olympics of ServiceNow recruitment is coming up: the annual Knowledge conference.

For you, K19 is also a chance to advance your own career – to talk to potential companies and peers in a relaxed, informal environment and initiate new relationships that can lead to new roles either next week or a year from now. Why? With this concentration of talent in a single room, every company in the Expo Hall will be looking to meet and hire people.

As veteran ServiceNow Talent experts, we want to give you some of our insights on how to pick a top ServiceNow employer and the best ways to get noticed and hired by them (all before the three-day conference ends)!

Research Before You Go

1. We recommend you use the ServiceNow Find-A-Partner page. Here you can get see all of ServiceNow’s official partners and view basic information on each company such as:

  • Number and type of ServiceNow certifications obtained
  • Customer satisfaction rating (CSAT-a critical measure in the ServiceNow ecosystem),
  • Partnership type-Services, Technology or Sales

From those listings, you can click through to each company’s website to learn more and see open jobs.

2. You should then cross reference the info you have gathered with Glassdoor. On Glassdoor you can check out:

  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Jobs

After thoroughly vetting the Partner page with Glassdoor reviews, you should be able to create a list of your top five companies to check out in person at Knowledge19.

3. Check LinkedIn to see if you know anyone who can connect you with folks at these companies.

Some companies are setting up interview time slots now.  For example- see our interview sign up page here.

Network at ServiceNow’s Expo Now

Expo Now, the conference showroom where partners have their exhibit booths, is your only opportunity to have all your potential future employers in one room. Make the most of it!

The Welcome Reception on the first night is a great opportunity to visit the top five companies you have identified. People in the booths are there to talk about their company, so feel free to engage and ask lots of questions.  Here is what we recommend you look for when you’re on the showroom floor:

  • Do the company representatives seem passionate and engaged?
  • Does their booth seem to be busy with prospective and current customers?
  • Are you enjoying the conversations you are having and do you seem to “click” with the people there?

Once a connection is made, ask to speak with someone from the People or Talent Team. Only the best firms send their Talent Scouts to Knowledge (If they don’t have a rep from the talent organization, they likely don’t place a premium on people and hiring).

Before you leave the booth, make sure to set the next step, for example, ask to come back at a later time to have more in-depth conversations with key employees. This is common practice at Knowledge and companies eager to hire will make the time to speak with you and have decision-makers ready to interview during the event.

Additionally, before going back for the in-depth conversation/interview, ask for an invite to the company’s party or sponsored event. This is a great way to get to know the company’s employees in a more relaxed setting.

The Interview

Top companies to work for will interview onsite at Knowledge19 during days two and three. They will have you meet with someone from the People or Talent Team to educate you on the opportunities and why you would want to work there. For us, a key part of the interview process is having Senior Leadership present to participate in interviews and make decisions.

All of that being said, remember, the interview is just as much about YOU interviewing THEM. You’re going to want to know things like:

  • ServiceNow product suite expertise
  • Do they have challenging projects?
  • What is their growth trajectory?
  • What is the Culture like?
  • Do they offer Training programs and career development?
  • Perks such as equity, remote work, flex work schedule

Coming out of Knowledge you could possibly have one or two amazing job opportunities! In this market, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than your dream job!  If you take these steps you’ll be sure to have invested in yourself at Knowledge19!

Every Knowledge, Acorio is fortunate to meet and hire many folks as we continue to build a “Once-in-a-lifetime” company. If you are interested in landing your dream job with us, schedule a time to hang out and meet us at Knowledge19.

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