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Establish Your ServiceNow Journey with an Advisory Workbook

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing ServiceNow or already have a transformation strategy (and licenses) across multiple suites in the platform, driving real business value with ServiceNow depends on making the most of the platform and maximizing the efficiency of your digital workflows.

If you’re looking to bolster your employee experience, empower a customer upsell strategy, or even improve your overall operations – our experience shows that your ultimate success with ServiceNow depends, in large part, to having an effective, up-front strategic vision for the platform. Successful digital transformation doesn’t happen in a vacuum or silo – your goals within ServiceNow must align with, and elevate your organization’s overall business goals.

For example, are you trying to save money? Increase customer satisfaction? Or drive innovation with machine learning or AI? This isn’t always an easy feat. According to ServiceNow’s Fall 2019 Workflow Quarterly, regarding workplace digitization: “few CIOs say their organization is doing a good job at understanding the value of different business functions, or the tools they need to succeed.”

Additionally, often overlooked is the “people” and the “process” side of your ServiceNow implementation. Until now. While implementing ServiceNow is a “technical change,” it’s also a change in the way your employees work or how your customers interact with your business. Making sure everyone is on the same page – every step of the way – is instrumental for your success with the platform.

This workbook contains resources and planning activities that will help you create and plan your ServiceNow roadmap. Below is a quick excerpt from the workbook that outlines four steps  you should take to create a killer roadmap and set yourself up for success – including finding someone to serve as a ServiceNow cheerleader and defining your ServiceNow Vision and Initiatives:

Solidify Executive Support: Think about who would be the best supporter of your ServiceNow vision. What will be the best way to present ServiceNow to them? Once you’ve decided on your sponsor, wow them with carefully collected and presented information on ServiceNow and how it can be leveraged to best support your business. Focus on specific outcomes that matter to stakeholders and make sure they align with your executive goals and strategies, whether that be productivity, improved employee or customer satisfaction, increased revenue, etc.

Define your ServiceNow Vision: Think about the results you’re after with your ServiceNow transformation or implementation. Find what goals you’d like to accomplish. Take your time with this step, as proper preparation can make or break your ServiceNow implementation. Talk to employees and get the data you need to understand how ServiceNow can transform your organization. You must think critically about what you’d like the end result to be before you can decide the next steps.

Define your ServiceNow Initiatives: This is where you outline the steps needed to achieve the goals you identified in step two. What actions need to be taken to realize these goals? Think step-by-step what must be done and break tasks down into manageable chunks. Defining these initiatives will help with improvements in your organization and give you measurable results.

Craft your ServiceNow Roadmap: Your roadmap factors in your timeline and what concrete steps you need to complete to arrive at a successful ServiceNow implementation. With the help of a dedicated ServiceNow partner, you can get access to Advisory and Technical expertise gleaned from hundreds of go-lives.

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ServiceNow Advisory Workbook preview