ServiceNow K20 Keynote Bingo

ServiceNow K20 Keynote Bingo Blur v2

Today is the day – the first day of ServiceNow K20: The Digital Experience! While this may be my first ServiceNow Knowledge where I won’t be there in person – amid a flow of excited people, name badges swaying as they each rush to a ballroom for the first keynote – Acorio is no newbie to experiencing a “digital” knowledge.

Our team has always tried to make sure everyone can engage in the ServiceNow Knowledge experience – even if they couldn’t attend in person. So, back when we could still sit in the same office together, Acorians would huddle in a conference room and watch the Knowledge keynotes together in person and over zoom for those not in HQ. To keep things fun, our competitive and quirky consultants thought-up the idea of playing “Keynote Bingo.”

This year we thought, why keep that just to ourselves?

So, while you’re anxiously awaiting the voices of Bill McDermott, Pablo Stern, Farrell Hope, Blake McConnell, Josh Kahn, and Dave Wright, keep your ears extra-heightened for a few words and phrases we expect to hear. Check out our ServiceNow K20 Keynote Bingo board below – and let us know if you get bingo by reaching out to us (@Acorio) on Twitter!

ServiceNow K20 Keynote Bingo

Plus, don’t forget to enter our West Elm $1K Giveaway to spruce up your home office for Knowledge20 – the raffle ends this week.