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Keep ServiceNow Knowledge Going All Year-Round

Happy 2019! We are so excited to see what the year (and ServiceNow) has in store for us.

As you’re getting back into the swing of work this week, you probably have a pile of emails waiting to be answered. You may have missed it in all of the holiday mayhem, but ServiceNow started promoting their annual user conference, Knowledge19, last month. The ServiceNow Knowledge conference is one of the greatest chances every year to hone your ServiceNow skills, network with peers, and learn more about ServiceNow.

Now, wait…you might be thinking…we need to hold our horses! May (the month when ServiceNow’s Knowledge conference will happen) probably seems far away. Why would we want to prolong the agony of waiting for the inspirational keynotes and in-depth technical sessions that answer all your persisting platform questions? And of course, let’s not forget the great after-parties and activities.

But we have some good news. This year, we sat down and asked ourselves, why don’t we keep the spirit of Knowledge going all year round?

So that’s what we decided to do.

For Knowledge veterans and first-timers alike, we have something to make the next five months fly by – a few tips to keep Knowledge going all year round. The true heart of the Knowledge conferences is not the glamorous showroom floor or the flashy main-stage presentations.

ServiceNow Knowledge is about the exchanging of information, the individual sharing of ideas, and the gathering of like-minded individuals.

While we can’t recreate John Donahoe’s keynote address, we can give you a few resources to keep Knowledge flowing all year-round…or at the very least get you through the next five months until Knowledge19!

For the Techies

We all know you are the powerhouse behind your companies ServiceNow instance. This means that going to Knowledge is your chance to swap war stories with your ServiceNow contacts, maybe gain a few new buddies to have on speed-dial, and get inspired for the work that you do all year round. So, these are our tips for you, to keep your Knowledge experience alive even when you aren’t out in the desert in Vegas.

  1.  Check out ServiceNow meet-ups. Developer meet-ups are like beehives (that’ll make a little more sense if you check out this article, specifically on Dev meet-ups.) ServiceNow Developer Meet-Ups are opportunities to get support from an expert community of developers, ServiceNow employees, and partners.

These meet-ups of like-minded individuals happen all around the country and they play host to a variety of professionals in the ServiceNow ecosystem. They are used to facilitate networking, bonding, and learning in the Community.

  1. Make sure you are keeping up to date on social media. Social media might be a dreaded term in your vocabulary, but when you tune out the distractions you can be introduced to a world of content that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

One of our favorite accounts is the ServiceNow Support twitter channel (@Nowsupport) that posts platform outages, bugs, and hacks… for free! So, whether you’re looking for help on product documentation or visualizing the HRSD onboarding cycle, this account will keep you in the loop and maybe make waiting for Knowledge training sessions a little bit easier.

  1. Talk to experts…any time you need. The large ServiceNow partner ecosystem actually works to your advantage, meaning that there are plenty of minds to turn to when you just can’t figure something out. Whether it’s creating your next implementation roadmap or upgrading your existing instance, test the experts at Partner agencies, like our 100% exclusive ServiceNow experts here.

Bonus tip: Think about attending some of the pre-conference training sessions. They are a fast way to build expertise, with skills you’ll be able to put into action right away. The classes are selective, role-based, hands-on practice and certification preparation that will bring you to the next level in your ServiceNow journey.

For the Platform Owners

Along with all of the above resources for the techies (because come on, you can admit it…that’s also you), we are here to recommend a few resources to keep you up to date on ServiceNow’s platform advances. So, when they talk about upcoming product changes at K19, you won’t be caught off guard.

Of course, the easiest way to stay caught up is to just follow along in the wake of product releases. Every six months, ServiceNow releases their instance upgrades (upcoming is Madrid, rumored to be in March of 2019),

But outside of the scheduled product updates, the way that ServiceNow is operating inside business around the globe is changing, and this is what you, the platform owner, need to be aware of. While you, like ServiceNow, might have started out with just ITOM and then maybe ITSM, the technology has become so much more than that.

Are you ready to pitch ServiceNow to your HR VP? What about your director of Customer Service?

Being a platform owner means having the responsibility to know what the platform is actually capable of. And we’re here to help!

  1. Customer Service Management (CSM) is becoming increasingly important. According to Forrester, in 2015, around $62 billion were lost in sales because of poor customer service. As a 51% increase over the past two years, the problem is only growing.

Proper implementation of CSM can make or break a business. With ServiceNow’s processes, businesses can succeed. Read here to learn more about the significance of CSM as well as how ServiceNow makes it easy for users.

  1. With so many technology-related projects, it can be a challenge for businesses to manage them without the proper tools.

Because of this, many businesses are moving towards IT Business Management (ITBM). This suite from ServiceNow allows you to quickly manage demands and ideas, resource projects and understand financial performance, and manage your full portfolio of initiatives with cost, effort, and results. Check out this case study for more details.

  1. It’s a known fact that HR departments struggle with the inevitable addressing of service complexities. ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery software helps firms navigate unstructured manual work, lack of visibility and accountability, high employee expectations, and employee onboarding. If you’re interested in reading an analysis of Gartner’s report of modernizing HR Service Delivery, click here.

For the Executives

For you, ServiceNow Knowledge is a justification of your investment in the ServiceNow platform. The lessons and sessions you take away from the conference become real factors in critical business decisions as you continue with your ServiceNow expenditure. But why should Knowledge be the only place you gain insight into these critical numbers?

Short answer – it shouldn’t be.

  1. Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Reports. Over the past year, ServiceNow has commissioned multiple reports from Forrester Consulting to examine the potential ROI from each of the different ServiceNow modules: HR Service Management (now Service Delivery), Customer Service Management, IT Service Management, Security Operations, and even the ROI from developing Business Applications on the ServiceNow platform.

Each Total Economic Impact (TEI) study reviews customer stories, interviews about experiences before and after implementing ServiceNow, as well as hard data and projected values for ServiceNow in the future.

  1. Keep up with the news. Acorio has started The ServiceNow Rundown, where we will take a deeper look into ServiceNow News like new acquisitions, major press releases, and what ServiceNow insiders are talking about. With a 100% exclusive focus on ServiceNow and the largest team of focused ServiceNow consultants out there, you can bet we pay a lot of attention to the inner workings of the world’s #1 most innovative company.

There you have it! Whether you’re a techie, a platform owner, or an executive, you can keep ServiceNow Knowledge going all year round with these resources. Hopefully, they’ll keep you busy and at the edge of your seat until Knowledge19 in May.

While Knowledge provides a meeting place for people with similar interests to share their ideas, you can still continue the conversation and learn more about ServiceNow. Don’t wait until May to get your Knowledge fix!

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