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Knowledge18 and the New ServiceNow: Executive Takeaways


Booths are packed up, classrooms dismantled, and ServiceNow users and experts have returned home with plenty of new information to process. So what happens now?

Well hopefully, returning back to your “normal life,” you feel that new spark of inspiration, thoughts about transformation and what ServiceNow can do for you, your company, and your customers are probably spinning around in your head. And it’s no wonder why! In the past week, you’ve sat among hundreds of business leaders reimagining the future of work, all at the helm of digital transformation with the ServiceNow platform. The technology is no longer only an IT platform, but it’s a new approach to talent, process, and technology within the Global Enterprise.

And we saw this over and over again with Knowledge18.

The ServiceNow Technology

The buzz around the conference was almost exclusively centered around the ‘Big Five’; HR Service Delivery, Customer Service Management, IT (including ITOM, ITBM, and ITSM), Security Operations, and Custom Apps. Among these five ServiceNow suites, we learned more about the new technology in the upcoming releases, how topics such as machine learning and intelligent automation were being applied, and how to stand out in the era of great experiences.

But with each of these focus areas, we not only saw what is happening with the technology in the immediate future (the next two years), but we saw a fundamental shift in the ServiceNow mission as to what the platform will be doing ten years from now. Down to the details of the new ServiceNow re-brand, the company increasingly shows it’s human-centric focus, bringing people to the center of the ITSM and ITIL platform and subsequent applications.

For instance, at the conference, we took a step back and looked at how artificial intelligence, as it’s incorporated in the ServiceNow platform, will change IT Service Delivery in the next ten years.

  • Status‑quo IT. Historically, most IT pros managed on‑premise infrastructure, including servers, network equipment, and software.
  • Speeding up. As more companies adopt cloud services, these jobs are changing. Increasingly, IT workers manage virtual and distributed resources.
  • Managing data, not IT. As AI automates tasks—generating mountains of data along the way—IT specialists will focus on creating, testing, and be monitoring new processes that generate value from data.
  • Strategic IT. New strategic roles emerge as business becomes truly digital. IT workers become strategists, responsible for maximizing the commercial value of company data.
  • Self‑managed systems. The next‑gen IT organization will build self‑managing systems that don’t need much human intervention. IT workers will ensure the systems yield outputs that advance business strategy.

So what is your role in this change? Are you the CCO hoping to delight customers with exceptional service? Or the CHRO who needs to recruit and retain top talent while continuing to grow internal productivity? Or perhaps, you are the CIO, charged with transforming the technology of your entire organization – staying ahead of startup rivals, increasing return on investment, and empowering your employees to use innovative technology.

The expanding ServiceNow technology is working to engage the Executive Suite, not only improving their technology base but actually starting a conversation about the evolving role of technology in the Enterprise, to actually partner with a company during their transformation journey.

The main conversation topics?

  • Reframing the conversation from technology costs to economic savings and revenue generation.
  • Focus on creating better experiences for clients and employees instead of the goal of cost-reduction.
  • Automation technology has arrived to harness organizational data and help the enterprise to make better decisions in real time.
  • The velocity at which organizations adapt and transform will determine success

The ServiceNow Applications

With hundreds of Classroom Sessions, Demo’s, and Keynote Speakers it is clear that the ServiceNow platform is expanding at an unprecedented rate. With the core platforms suites increasing in depth, ServiceNow Partners are able to grow their sophistication in implementations, continuously expanding the ecosystem.

In Financial Services, ServiceNow users are adopting the platform to increase the speed and efficiency of IT, reduce the burden of IT compliance, resolve security threats faster, and unleash innovation and efficiency in every part of the company.

Similarly in Healthcare, with the help of ServiceNow, hospitals and clinics are equipped to face challenges such as changing regulatory environments, rising patient expectations, connecting medical devices, and protecting your clinical data from cyber attacks. As recently as last year, healthcare providers faced over 280 beaches and $20 million in fines but with ServiceNow’s focus on security tools, the platform is able to bring incident data into a structured response engine (with intelligent workflows) to automate, prioritize and resolve security threats faster.

The industries list could go on and on, since Knowledge18 brought together users and experts in Life Sciences, Government, Healthcare and more.

If you missed us…

We are proud to be the only partner with a ServiceNow Partner Catalyst Solution for Higher Ed, which our Vice President of Solutions and Innovation, Adam Mason, presented at TheatherNow at Knowledge18.

Didn’t get a chance to see his presentation? Catch-up on this cutting-edge application with our on-demand webinar, Transforming the Student Experience: A One-Stop Solution for Digital Natives.

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