ServiceNow Leadership Trends Report [ServiceNow eBook]

ServiceNow recently launched a Leadership Trends Report: Technology Excellence, which shares a 2022-2025 roadmap for delivering excellence and innovation across automated IT services, cybersecurity, and asset management. 

As today’s landscape continues to become more digital than ever – with organizations realizing the cost savings of things like the cloud or hybrid work – businesses are leaning on technology leaders like never before for innovation and seamless experiences.

In their Leadership Trends Report, ServiceNow defines the top three “biggest impact” trends of 2022 as the following: 

Trend 1: Focusing on the core 

In 2020, IT spending grew for two reasons: first, to replace outdated infrastructure, and second, to combat increasing security concerns.  

To be ready for the future, IT organizations require a strong IT foundation, especially as we grow towards more hosted and cloud-based services. 

Trend 2: Come join us! We have cookies (and automation)

The IT shortages throughout the pandemic prove that we need to better align talent to high-value work and use automation to handle manual, low-value work. 

The report shares, “Building a top-notch staff is not just about paying the highest salaries—good employee experiences are built on a variety of factors. Successful IT organizations need to create desirable workplace cultures and offer projects for IT professionals. And yes, a steady supply of cookies wouldn’t hurt, either.”  

Secondly, you need to ensure your organization is automating mundane tasks and manual work so your employees can focus on work that matters. 

Trend 3: The latest alternative energy source: IT

IT is the driver of business transformations today. In fact, Technology Vision 2021: Leaders Wanted found that 77% of business executives say that their technology architecture is becoming critical or very critical to the overall success of their organizations. 

But how do you position your team for success? With the right tools, automation, and continuous optimization of your processes your organization prioritize work and create digital offerings that fuel your business.  

Pacing Your Organization for a Future of New Technology   

It’s clear to be a digital leader in the future, you need to keep pace and thrive as new technologies are adopted across the enterprise. Whether it’s mobile connectivity becoming the standard, every role being aided by AI and automation, or Blockchain entering the corporate mainstream, you need to strive to be or catch up to your industry leaders – or else risk failure.  

To find out more about the research, you can download the full report here to get a “Road to Optimization” playbook, learn about the challenges for strategic roles in your organization, like:   

  • Chief Information Officer  
  • VP of Service Management  
  • VP of Operations Management 
  • VP of IT/Budget Asset Management 
  • Chief Information Security Officer  

Plus, discover what new opportunities lie ahead. Download the ServiceNow report now.