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ServiceNow Madrid Gets Smart: Agent Intelligence [eBook]

Madrid Agent Intelligence

ServiceNow released their Madrid upgrade to the public last week, and since then there has been a lot of chatter about what is new and improved. The short answer is a lot.

The company is reporting that there are over 600 innovations in the newest release including powerful mobile changes, fixes to common workflow issues, and upgrades to the flagship ITSM and Field Service Management products.

Each platform upgrade (ServiceNow is on a six-month upgrade cycle) steadily expands the platform’s functionality and rolls out new product areas. London, the last release, saw new waves in the form of agent intelligence and virtual agents – and Madrid only enhances those sought after capabilities. Which is what I am here to talk about today.

Along with overviews of other major upgrade areas, our newest ServiceNow release bulletin covers Madrid’s enhanced intelligent agent capabilities. Skim a preview of the section below or jump in head first by downloading the whole Madrid overview eBook.

GET SMART: Agents Supported with Greater Intelligence

Issued in a limited release in London, Agent Workspace now becomes a standard element of the ServiceNow platform. Explicitly intended to improve the agent experience, the Agent Workspace incorporates machine learning to deliver the right data to the right agents at the right time, enabling easier access to the information agents need (in as few screens as possible) to resolve issues faster and more efficiently.

Likewise, ServiceNow’s new “Similarity Framework” links similar cases, incidents, and alerts together to identify major incidents and propose recommended actions within the context of customer issues. As another step toward greater automation, both the Workspace and the Framework assist the agent by including predictions and some natural language processing into their workflows.

Important Note: 

Looking ahead, machine learning and other forms of automated intelligence will drive more and deeper advanced features, including superior analytics, in ServiceNow releases to come. But taking advantage of these advanced features (and greater interconnectedness with other enterprise platforms) demands a baseline of consistent, enterprise-wide data management. Plan on cleaning your data house now in order to open doors to advanced features in the future.

We predict that machine learning and virtual agent technology will expand into other areas of the platform, like ITBM, over the next few releases. We also expect sentiment analysis to be added to the mix in the next 2 years. ServiceNow continues to put a high emphasis on mobile experiences and consumer-grade experiences, and Madrid reflects that. See what else is new with this free eBook.

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