Our Favorite Blogs as Memes

Got a case of the Mondays? Today’s blog is sure to brighten your spirits! It’s no secret that here at Acorio, we love lists: our favorite ServiceNow influencersthe top digital transformation leaders of today, and even 10 holiday movies to watch this year. In a non-surprising update, today’s blog is an addition to the growing list of list-blogs on our site, and it may be our fun(niest) one yet. 

This year, I’ve been making memes for various blogs on our site and sharing them on LinkedIn, so today I’ve picked a select few to share with you! My hope is that you can have some fun scrolling through and chuckling at these ServiceNow-centered memes, because who doesn’t love a good ServiceNow/developer joke? Take a look and let us know which is your favorite! 

1. Acorio’s Accelerate Program

We love bragging on our new certified ServiceNow consultants. Check out this blog to learn about Acorio’s Accelerate program and hear first-hand from one of our graduates about how the program has changed his career. Somebody tell Doc Brown that we’ve got this transformation covered, no time machine necessary.  

2. Flow Designer 

The power of workflows can be overwhelming, but don’t let it get the best of you. Flow Designer lets process owners use natural language to create Workflows; automate approvals, tasks, notifications, and even record operations… all without coding. Is that blowing your mind? Us too. Now put down the marker and read this blog to learn more about what a ServiceNow workflow actually is.

3. We’re hiring! 

Our team keeps growing and growing this year, so you’re going to see a lot of posts on LinkedIn as we look to build our A-team numbers. Yes, that’s another hiring host on our social media accounts; no, we don’t plan on stopping them any time soon. #Sorrynotsorry  

4. Strategic vs Tactical ServiceNow Solutions  

Not sure how to distinguish between strategic and tactical ServiceNow solutions? Don’t sweat it! Our Platform Architect Michelle Bautista has you covered with this blog that uses a metaphor of closet organization as a means to show you the difference between the two types of platform solutions. Somebody needs to send this link over to SpongeBob STAT.  

5. 4 Domains of CSDM 

Ready to meet the 4 domains of CSDM? The CSDM conceptual model contains the following domains; Design, Manage Technical Services, Sell and Consume, and Manage Business Services. Each of these domains loosely corresponds with one or more ServiceNow products, services, or service types, but we think this meme of a cartoon hydra makes them way easier (and fun!) to remember them 

6. Re-invisioning HRSD 

We’re big fans of our customers and their transformation stories. The results reported by our clients never cease to amaze us, so yes, sometimes we have to take a moment like this guy to let the good news really sink in. In this example, a Higher Ed Institution was looking to realize the power and potential of HRSD, so they partnered with Acorio to deliver the right digital experience to their employees anywhere.

After completing a project that implemented nearly every aspect of HRSD across the enterprise, this client’s HR organization is now able to match the degree of modernity and innovation of the university it supports. Read the complete case study to get the full scoop!

So what’d you think? You’ve seen my memes, now I’d love to see yours! Share your ServiceNow or developer memes with the Acorio team by tagging us on Twitter or LinkedIn.