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9 ServiceNow Learning Resolutions for 2019

ServiceNow 2019

New Year’s resolutions. You either love them or you hate them, and I’ve found that people can be pretty opinionated one way or the other.

So, if New Year’s resolutions (or really, lists of any kind) are not your thing, then maybe you should think twice about continuing.

But if a nicely compiled, organized, and annotated list doesn’t offend you, then this is the blog for you. Marry that with a passion for ServiceNow and learning, then you’re definitely in the right place.

Today’s blog is just that – the product of someone with a passion for learning ServiceNow and someone who really (really, really) loves making lists. Check out our New Year’s ServiceNow resolution list – with all the blogs, webinars, and eBooks you know you probably should have watched and read by now… but just haven’t.

1. ServiceNow 2019 Predictions Webinar

Naturally, topping the list is the ServiceNow 2019 Predictions Webinar, which will kick off your year with a bit of inspiration, plus insights from the experts to give you direction in your platform investments.

2. ServiceNow Starter Pack

If you haven’t downloaded our ServiceNow starter pack, what are you waiting for? As one of the most popular blogs that we wrote in 2018, it includes the free download of:

  • A PowerPoint deck to make your ServiceNow business case
  • A guide to creating and scoring your ServiceNow roadmap
  • A ServiceNow whitepaper, “Where to start the implementation journey with ServiceNow”

3. 7 Criteria of a Successful Asset Management Program [Infographic]

IT Asset Management is the system through which an enterprise joins financial, contractual, and inventory functions to support lifecycle management and strategic decision making for the IT environment.

Sound like a mouthful? Or a mindful? Don’t worry, we’ve made an infographic for that! Check it out.

4. CMDB for the Enterprise Mind [Webinar]

It’s well established by now that the CMDB, more specifically a healthy CMDB, is the key to a long-term successful ServiceNow implementation. Join our ITOM experts to find out why exactly it’s the foundation of your ServiceNow success and how to create a roadmap to kick off in the coming year. Plus, get inspired by real-world examples of companies transforming today.

5. Free Checklist for Upgrading Your Service Instances

In the spirit of all of ServiceNow’s past and quickly approaching releases, we’ve put together a checklist to make sure you are totally prepped and ready to go for London (or really, any other upgrade version).

Set yourself up for success now by knocking this quick resolution off the list.

6. What Even the Best Firms Miss About Customer Service [Webinar]

Sometimes you have a list of to-dos that you haven’t started and have just been silently nagging at you.

That’s how we feel about this resolution – a ServiceNow webinar on Customer Service Management.

Why should you be checking it off your list now? Because by now, we know that Customer Service can be a critically defining characteristic of a company… but so many of those who are implementing a CSM solution are falling flat when it comes to the real world. Don’t let that be you in 2019, make sure your CSM is checking all the right boxes.

7. UX Design in Action: Service Portal Look Book

We recently launched a new ServiceNow Service Portal eBook that dives into the beautiful world of UX Design and teaches you the business case for a thoughtfully-designed Service Portal. The book features four Acorio clients and their live ServiceNow Service Portals, walking through the UX Design thought process for each of their unique business goals and needs.

Even if you’ve been using ServiceNow for years, having a thoughtfully-designed Service Portal is closer than you think. Building out a portal that is grounded with the needs of your specific users, and that can go along with any of the Enterprise modules, can be done with the correct approach and guidance.

By combining your business goals with core principles of User Experience (UX), and perhaps some strategic custom widgets, you can construct a pretty exceptional Portal in as little as three weeks!

So, is Service Portal something you should be thinking about in 2019?

8. IT Operation Management’s Foundation of Power: The Configuration Management Database [eBook]

If you’ve knocked off resolution #4, then you know that the CMDB is the root of ServiceNow’s ITOM. As the underlying database powering everything from Asset Discovery to Agent Intelligence, you can think about the CMDB as the foundation of ServiceNow’s power – or at least one of the foundational elements.

This eBook starts at the beginning, focusing on “Three C’s” central to powering successful CMDB programs: Completeness, Correctness, and Compliance.

9. Service Management Executive Insight & Vision Report

A first of its kind survey. Sounds a little cliché, or perhaps unbelievable for something as prevalent and expansive as ServiceNow, but it’s the truth. Before this survey and subsequent executive summary were launched, there was no complete, global analysis of the platform, KPI’s that business leaders track, roadmaps, results, challenges, and no predicted future of the technology.

Downloading this executive survey report will not only give you access to the top 8 Service Management trends of today, but it will also prep you for the launch of the complete trends and insight reports (which has been rumored to be released early Q1 of 2019)!

Now off you go, 2019 is here and there is plenty of learning to do!

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