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ServiceNow New York Product Spotlight: IT Asset Management

ServiceNow New York ITBM

It already seems like ages since ServiceNow released their second platform upgrade of 2019, New York. But in reality, it was just a month ago so there is still plenty to learn about the release. After being an early release tester, we had high hopes for the release of the upgrade, and so far the public launch of ServiceNow New York did not disappoint. Some of the biggest changes in the big apple release include increased Natural Langauge Processing capabilities, industry GRC alignment, and (of course) more mobility.

And that doesn’t even begin to cover the individual product improvements. In the release guide, we talk about everything from ITOM and ITSM to Security and Service Portal to IT Asset Management.

Spanning both hardware and software, New York’s IT Asset Management improvements are aligned with ServiceNow’s mission to provide you with improved efficiency and increased visibility into your entire Asset cycle.

Here are a few of our favorite IT Asset improvements in New York, but if you want a few more all you have to do is check out this eBook.

New York IT Asset Management Outshines Previous Capabilities

In New York, ITAM saw several functionality improvements, as well as a full rollout of features that were in previously in a limited release during Madrid. Among these, SaaS License Management stands out, leveraging API integrations. With it, users can track active and stale subscriptions within each software models. For example, with file-sharing apps, such as Dropbox or Box, users might want to be able to measure usage beyond just logins, such as actual file usage or view trends.

Asset Management Spend Detection

New York has the ability to consolidate overlapping software spend across 1500+ categories.

Additionally, New York houses the initial release of the re-platformed content from ServiceNow’s VendorHawk acquisition. Ingesting expense data from a procurement source or accounts payable register, this new Software Spend Detection feature normalizes spend against a standardized taxonomy and then lets users visualize it in the platform – detecting software purchase not being tracked in SAM Pro and identifying redundant functionality purchases with an eye towards consolidation and rationalization opportunities.

Besides brand new capabilities, there are also some improved functions that are worth noting;

  • The SAP Publisher Pack. As one of the most challenging and complex licensing models in the industry, ServiceNow released the SAP publisher pack for direct licensing models in Madrid. This has now been extended in New York to measure Indirect access as well.
  • The Citrix Publisher Pack. ServiceNow considers potential access from Virtual Apps (formerly XenApp) and Virtual Desktops (formerly XenDesktop) to correctly decrement against every user or device that has potential to access the Citrix environment irrespective of actual usage.  Now, license consumption information is captured from the Citrix License Server and Discovery discovers the Citrix configuration items.

More Insights

New York also brings capability extensions to many elements of the ITAM product. For example, in New York, the Microsoft Publisher Pack can now be accurately managed via new license types to track entitlements for Software Assurance and Perpetual, with distinct publisher part numbers in the content library for each.

Find out more about New York’s Asset Management Improvements, plus lots of other product upgrades in the full New York Release eBook.