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ServiceNow New York Product Spotlight: IT Business Management (ITBM)

ServiceNow New York ITBM

Last week ServiceNow released their second platform upgrade of 2019, New York. After being an early release tester, we had high hopes for the release of the upgrade, and the public launch of ServiceNow New York did not disappoint. Some of the biggest changes in the big apple release include increased Natural Langauge Processing capabilities, industry GRC alignment, and (of course) more mobility.

And that doesn’t even begin to cover the individual product improvements. In the release guide, we talk about everything from ITOM and ITSM to Security and Service Portal, but we put a particularly bright spotlight on Customer Service Management and IT Business Management.

ITBM’s New York enhancements are almost as extensive as the product suite itself. The product offerings serve to help you manage demand, balance resources, manage both agile and waterfall projects, perform budget planning, and map costs to technical and business services.

IT Business Management Changes in New York

Innovation Management. The Ideas application enables you to gather and evaluate ideas efficiently and quickly identify and process the ideas with the greatest potential for implementation. This Idea Portal accelerates and organizes your gathering, evaluation, selection, and execution of ideas. In New York, Innovation Management will provide a venue for deeper engagement in collaborative ideation, including crowd-sourcing. This will be particularly important for any ideation requesters and demand managers in your organization.

ServiceNow ITBM mobile

Example of the Mobile View of ITBM Project Status screens in ServiceNow New York

Information Portfolio. In your business, you can use the Information Portfolio to capture information from the assets of your organization as information objects. This information allows you to categorize assets and determine their business application use, connecting all the different layers where data exists. With the introduction of data architecture in New York, users can now map layers, helping to retrieve information and track information flow.

Investment Funding. Of all the ITBM enhancements in New York, this is going to be the one to bring to your Executive Leadership as well as your Portfolio Managers. ServiceNow’s Investment Funding enables you to plan and manage all of your investments – by allocating funds to funding entities like Business Units, Products, Teams, etc. Now, funding can be allocated across a variety of funding entities and you can create investments for each by prioritizing business needs and strategic objectives. Investment Funding can also request funds from funding sources to reach your business goals.

Looking Ahead: Starting in Orlando, ITBM will also include the DevOps Suite. Financial Management is also expected to transform and will no longer be sold as a separately licensed product.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Program Board. ServiceNow SAFe’s application is designed to help you apply lean and agile principles (yes, even at a large enterprise), helping you develop and deliver software products with fewer defects in a shorter time frame. As a brand partner of Scaled Agile Inc (SAI), ServiceNow’s SAFe supports two different configurations; Essential SAFe and Portfolio SAFe. In both, the New York upgrade gives greater visibility into Agile work and allows for collaboration between groups. Not only does this impact Portfolio or Program Managers but also entire Agile Delivery groups and Resource Managers.

Visual Task Boards ServiceNow

ITBM Visual Task Board in ServiceNow New York

Visual Task Board (VTB). New York brings user enhancements to all Visual Task Board users – enabling them to transform the navigation of lists and forms into an interactive graphical experience. Some of the new features in VTB’s include being able to create “swim lanes” that let your users organize with horizontal and vertical lines on freeform, flexible, and guided boards. Additionally, users can limit the number of tasks that can be added to each lane.

Yes, There are Even More ITBM Improvements…

These are just a few of the ITBM product updates we talk about in the ServiceNow New York release guide. Download a complete copy to see what else is in store for ITBM… not to mention CSM, Asset Management and HRSD.

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