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Breaking News: ServiceNow Releases Orlando

Breaking News: Today, March 11th, 2020, ServiceNow released their fifteenth platform upgrade – Orlando.

Which means that’s we’re back with our ServiceNow release guide, covering the major improvements and additions to the ServiceNow platform. For ServiceNow Orlando we’re covering the entire platform, starting with three enterprise-wide improvement areas; Now Intelligence, Analytics, and Mobile.

To jump right in and read about these areas, plus seventeen other upgrades across the platform, download your free copy of our ServiceNow Orlando Release Guide or skim a preview below.

Introduction To Orlando

ServiceNow Orlando upgrade eBook coverServiceNow Orlando marks the transition into a new era for ServiceNow. As the first release of the new decade and the first release with Bill McDermott at the helm, the Enterprise company did not disappoint in their upgrade. With Orlando, ServiceNow lives up to their “platform of platforms” strategy, continuing to develop their mobile capabilities and apps that deliver the consumer-like experiences the platform has become synonymous with.

Today, the technology that a business utilizes can be their defining competitive advantage, connecting business units together, improving experiences for internal and external customers, and providing insights to leadership and in-the-trenches management.

For perhaps the first time, we’re seeing ServiceNow’s platform upgrade embrace business-wide Transformation and Service Management beyond individual business unit improvements. Entering the picture with Orlando is Now Intelligence, advanced business-wide analytic solutions, and true engrained mobile experiences – all available across the entire platform.

But, for anyone out there that might be worried that Orlando is wide but not deep we urge you to dive into the product improvements, noting how flavors of intelligence, self-service, automation, mobility, and business visibility are present in each.

Before we break out into these product improvements, we are going to start by covering these enterprise-wide functionality improvements to give you the full picture on what is driving change across the platform;

  1. Now Intelligence
  2. Analytic Solutions
  3. Mobile Solutions

Making Work, Work More Intelligently: Now Intelligence 

Digital transformation demands fundamental business changes to achieve operational agility and efficiency, much of which includes the automation of countless processes. Most organizations rely on application development to facilitate this automation but are challenged by a lack of resources and an increasing backlog. The solution is a strategic application platform that democratizes development and enables everyone to build apps that automate processes across the enterprise.

The Now Platform was designed to reimagine every process as digital workflows, empowering anyone (we’re talking IT, HR, Customer Service, Security and more) to build ServiceNow transformative solutions.

With Orlando, the Now Platform has added a whole layer of additional connectivity with the inclusion of Now Intelligence, aimed at uniting and empowering these business functions.

Now Intelligence pairs both its hosting platform’s name as well as pays homage to ServiceNow’s Predicative Intelligence. Now, all of that Predictive Intelligence, Virtual Agents, and Automation, is available across the entire Platform;

  • Virtual Agents are always “on” across any channel to deliver consistent self-service experiences. Because they are now fully embedded in the Now Platform, they can not only better predict issues but actually initiate workflows with dynamic conversations – often delivering immediate resolutions.
  • Context-aware recommendations are automatically surfaced, predictions and insights to empower teams to work smarter and faster.
  • Transparency and alignment within the platform so that there is visibility for every level of the organization, leaving teams with valuable insights of real-time patterns and trends and the ability to make informed decisions.

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