ServiceNow Partner Scorecard

Your Business Relationship Quiz: Do you Get What You Need from Your (ServiceNow) Partner

Creating change with technology is hard work – requiring technical expertise, process chops, and the emotional intelligence to lead people to new ways of doing things.  As with any hard task that requires two parties, a partnership built on a trusting relationship is critical.  Issues will arise and the success of the project and relationship will be how those issues are worked through.

A partner through your ServiceNow journey will require transparency, trust, and open communication.

Basically, we want to build the business equivalent of the long-time couple holding hands and strolling through the park together. Or, in some cases, like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, standing back to back gunning down any incoming shrapnel!

Our clients have played back what is critical to them and what works in the relationship with them and what others should use as a scorecard when evaluating partners. How do you know if you’re in a good business partnership? Do you have a true alliance to share goals, or do you have a more insidious (or even toxic) consultant vs. client relationship – where hours are padded, goals aren’t shared, teams aren’t held accountable, and promises aren’t kept.

To find out, we took a page from the magazines, and put together this handy checklist to help vet your ServiceNow partnership! Ask yourself the following 10 questions, feel free to print our handy technical checklist to evaluate if your Service Management partner team exhibits the key characteristics of thriving partnerships.

ServiceNow Partner Scorecard

Specific to ServiceNow partnerships, we’ve kept together a printable checklist to vet your ServiceNow partner’s skill set.

At Acorio we take this very seriously. How seriously do we take putting our customers first? Here is the slide we use to end every single “All Team” meeting that we hold, as well as in our culture code. It reads: There is just Us, there is no “them” – which is a philosophy we embrace at every level of our customer interaction.

Partner Scorecard Culture Code

The partnership relationship grows today, tomorrow and in the years to come; just as our smiling couple walking in the park.

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