Our 2021 ServiceNow Service Portal Lookbook to Inspire Your UX Journey

Every Monday morning deserves a little bit of inspiration, so today, just for you, we’re giving a peek inside of our Service Portal Lookbook.

Our third edition of our Service Portal Lookbook features a few of our favorite client Portals from the past year. Alongside expert advice on how to approach your Portal and industry statistics on adoption rates, you’ll find stories from the following businesses:

  1. A Software and File Solution Storage Company
  2. A Popular Video Game Console Company
  3. A Nuclear Science and Technology Company
  4. An American Entertainment Company
  5. A Managed Services and Consulting Company

Inside the eBook, you will not only find screenshots and mock-ups of these Portals, but also a conversation around what actually makes a compelling and useful Portal, information on ServiceNow’s Virtual Agent, and tips for gaining Portal adoption.

Want a peek inside before you download the whole book? Check out the introduction below to get started.

Introduction: UX is the design of a strategy to create a true solution

With ServiceNow’s Service Portal, you can deliver your apps through an intuitive portal that can be accessed from any device, any time. Plus, they can easily access any knowledge base with one intuitive search and call to actions.

To gain adoption, however, the Portal needs a modern and compelling design that also reflects the company’s branding, and use images that resonate with its associates. It needs to be technically sound, with rigorous user testing to overcome any failures in the functionality. This is where User Experience (UX) Design comes in.

UX Design is not a form over function scenario, but rather, the form is the vehicle to bring function to life.

When planning for your Service Portal, you need to understand the profound connotation of UX Design – UX Design is not just making things pretty. In fact, despite the common notions of UX and Design, UX design is actually the process and method of solving your user’s problems. The best UX can show the user empathy by prioritizing their needs (often before they realize they need anything at all).

Download the whole book here to actually see these Service Portals in action.