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Enable Fast, Data-Driven Improvements with ServiceNow’s Process Optimization

Okay, so, that title makes a pretty big promise – that with ServiceNow’s Process Optimization you can make real improvements. But what does that actually mean??

Process Optimization on the Now Platform creates business process flows from the data in audit trails for quick, in-depth analysis of business processes. Armed with complete visibility into process flows, you gain the ability to instantly monitor and analyze performance, check conformance, and continually optimize and improve.

Current Process Optimization methodology is time-consuming, expensive, and bears highly uneven results. That current methodology includes:

  • Looking at KPIs/Reports
  • Holding process mapping workshops
  • Hiring consultants
  • Attempting to find consensus on where to improve and automate

Today’s organizations have a difficult time in proactively finding improvement/ automation opportunities to drive continual optimization across ITSM. IT leaders spend a lot of time digging for data and are limited by rigid tools as they struggle to gain process-level transparency.

They are slowed by pulling together information & reports from disparate systems to look at snapshots of historical and real-time data. This process is a constant suboptimal experience of manual labor and frustration, which affects both manager satisfaction and executive understanding and resource prioritization.

Process Optimization provides an X-ray for the process, providing visibility into a process with one-click. Use it to uncover process bottlenecks, weak spots and find areas for optimization potential. This enables proactive process assessment and continual optimization of IITSM processes based on data.

Push-button discovery

  • Mine a process from audit log with a push of a button
  • Select what specific transitions (e.g. state, assignment group, etc.) or breakdown filters you want to explore
  • Get email notification when mining is complete

Process Model Visualization and Comparison

  • Interactive process graphs show all executed workflows
  • Side-by-side visual comparison between email notifications and proactive alerts, etc. increases transparency in complex resource prioritization
  • Explorative filter panel lets you inspect specific paths in more detail
  • Pre-built metrics jumpstart performance analysis
  • Insight into where to prioritize resources due to differences in complex and varied approaches for process optimization

Linked Processes Analysis

  • Highlights related processes (and sub-processes) and how these impact the efficiency of the parent process.
  • By linking Incident, Problem and Change, customers can get a complete picture of how each connect and view these related processes in a single model

Easy collaboration and sharing

  • Side panel options enable note creation and sharing
  • Share process map for collaboration and process improvement
  • Enable governance and control based on process optimization roles

Take action and track value with integrated continual improvement workflow

  • Easily submit improvement initiative within PO workbench
  • Maintain visibility into status of previously requested CIM
  • Track the business value of process improvements

Integration with performance analytics and benchmarks

  • Investigate poorly performing KPI metrics via Process Optimization for faster root cause analysis
  • Automatically view process maps associated with specific KPIs
  • Link Performance Analytics KPIs to continual improvement initiatives to track business value achieved