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27 ServiceNow Professionals You Should Be Following

If an influencer is anyone that possess an expert level of knowledge and influence in their respective field – then the ServiceNow ecosystem has a lot of them. As possibly the fastest growing cloud platform, ever, the field has not only major executives speaking out about it, but also industry analysts from Gartner and Forrester, plus highly skilled developers who take to the internet to share their creative solutions.

As a dedicated ServiceNow partner, we do a lot of reading about ServiceNow (and I mean, a lot). But there are so many options, how do you know what you should read? What’s accurate? Who is going to give you the most relevant information?

You no longer have to stress about who to read; we did the heavy lifting.

Below you’ll find a curated list of ServiceNow influencers that we regularly read – everyone from ServiceNow employees to developers and analysts. With personal blogs, tweets, and even podcasts, these are people you want to follow to stay informed on the happenings of ServiceNow. 

ServiceNow Nation

Chris Bedi

The Chief Information Officer of ServiceNow has made several landmark appearances in the past 18 months and is now a regular contributor to Forbes Brand Voice, Harvard Business Review, and the likes of CIO magazine. Using these platforms, Bedi speaks about the power of ServiceNow and writes largely on how ServiceNow utilizes its own platform to digitally transform its company. Follow Chris on Twitter to keep up with some ServiceNow news and bookmark his page on the ServiceNow blog to read the most recent articles he publishes.

Chris Pope

Chris Pope, ServiceNow’s global VP of Innovation, brings 15+ years of C-level executive experience with leading technology solutions across Product Management and Strategy. He’s also been a ServiceNow customer, so he’s been in the client’s shoes; he understands their perspective on business transformation. What does all this mean? It means that now that he is a contributor to ServiceNow’s digital publications, he has a lot to say on process and methodology. If you want to follow along, he can be found on both Twitter and LinkedIn.

Chuck Tomasi

Chuck Tomasi. Probably one of the most recognizable ServiceNow names on this list. Our advice is simple – if you want to know about the goings-on at ServiceNow, you must follow Chuck Tomasi, Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager. He is one of the most prolific (and entertaining) voices in the ecosystem, sharing ServiceNow updates on Twitter and LinkedIn, and curating a Twitter news recall. He is also a host for a monthly web series, TechNow, for developers and admins to learn about the platform, as well as a plethora of podcasts (which is something Acorio now has in common with Chuck).

CJ Desai

Chief Product Officer CJ Desai started working for ServiceNow in 2016, but before that he held leadership roles at several other technology organizations including EMC and Symantec Corporation. Now that he is Chief Product Officer, his job has turned a bit philosophical…

“As chief product officer, my job is not just to lead great innovations but to ask philosophical questions, such as: “What actually is work?” Is it a thing you show up for and measure in hours, or is it a passion you pursue and measure in the outcomes you deliver for your customers?”

Check out the rest of his Q&A, How Work Life Should Be, to see what other big thoughts he is contributing to ServiceNow’s platform.

Craig Pratt

As VP of Sales Initiatives, Craig has been with ServiceNow since 2011. He has 25 years of High-Tech sales experience, and even helped take ServiceNow public in 2012! If you want to keep up with ServiceNow news, especially pertaining to sales and growth, give Craig a follow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Dave Wright

Dave Wright has been with ServiceNow since 2011, but his current role is the Chief Innovation Officer, which he’s held since 2017. He serves as a ServiceNow orator on improving workplace productivity, preaching about how customers can stop using manual processes to work more efficiently. Our favorite recent article with him was CRN’s, ‘You Can’t Just Fix A Problem By Throwing More People At It.’

Fred Luddy

The man who started it all. The man that picked up the pen and created the world’s most innovative company. After founding the cloud company in 2004, Fred now serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Fred Luddy, so we think he’s extremely worth the ServiceNow influencer status. See what he’s up to on Twitter!

John Donahoe

We most recently heard John Donahoe speak on the Q2 2019 Earnings Call (as well as the main stage at Knowledge19). As the CEO of ServiceNow, part of John Donahoe’s job is to keep us up to date on everything that ServiceNow does and sharing that with the public. While we recommend setting up a news alert since he’s often written up in papers or speaking on channels like CNBC, you can also keep up with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Michael Hubbard

Working as the global VP of ServiceNow Inspire, Michael Hubbard works closely with C-suite executives on digital transformation projects. Before working at ServiceNow, he held leadership roles at VMware and Oracle. Fun bonus, he’s an avid musician. Check out his column on ServiceNow’s Workflow blog, and follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up with some other ServiceNow news.

Pat Wadors

Recognized by her pink hair and known for leading ServiceNow in defining the way their own company works? That’s Pat Wadors, ServiceNow’s Chief Talent Officer. Her most recent appearances have been as a contributor to Forbes Brand Voice, ThriveGlobal, and of course the mainstage at K19. Follow Pat on Twitter and LinkedIn for ServiceNow updates, especially on diversity and inclusion, and crafting a great work culture.

Industry Analysts

Ken Gonzalez, Gartner

Affectionately dubbed, “KenGon,” Ken is the Research Director of IT Service Management (ITSM) at Gartner and a wealth of knowledge. His work is mostly in the ITSM space, but he is also an industry expert in customer experience, organizational maturity, process improvement, IT service desk best practices, and reporting and metrics. Most recently, he is responsible for ServiceNow’s first-ever Gartner Vendor Rating which is full of some great data and analysis on the ServiceNow platform. Make sure to keep up with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Andrew Miljanovski, Gartner

Sr. Director Analyst, Andrew Miljanovski is part of the Infrastructure and Communications Services team at Gartner. With 32 years of industry experience, he currently does research on IT infrastructure and communications’ sourcing. Read one of his newest reports, ‘Critical Capabilities for Data Center Outsourcing and Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services, North America.’

Mark Ray, Gartner

Mark Ray is Sr. Director Analyst in Gartner Research, part of the Infrastructure and Communication Services. He conducts research on IT infrastructure sourcing, while also working with clients to resolve sourcing issues in infrastructure. We recommend reading his research on driving improved performance in outsourcing infrastructure, focused on sourcing for implementation, modernization, and migration services related to provider consulting services. Very topical, we’d say.

Andrew Hewitt, Forrester Research

Forrester Research Analyst, Andrew Hewitt, focuses on serving infrastructure and operations professionals. His research is primarily on enterprise mobility and creating better mobile experiences for employees. Read his recent report, Transform Insights Into A Better Employee Technology Experience, to learn about the growing importance of end-user experience management, and the processes, tools, and operational changes that make it successful.

Rich Doheny, Gartner

Sr. Research Analyst in Gartner Research, Rich Doheny, is part of the IT Service Automation team. His research on foundational strategies for managing enterprise- and employee-owned end-user computing devices is the stuff of legends. Seriously, check it out. If that’s not exactly your cup of tea, he also has major thoughts on IT service support management, service desk best practices, and endpoint management.

Consultants, Developers, Architects, Advisors and So Much More

Andrew Barnes, ServiceNow

As a Developer Advocate at ServiceNow, Andrew Barnes’ role is to engage and grow the ServiceNow Developer Community. He’s interested in streamlining processes through data-driven change and automation, which he writes about along with other developer topics in the ServiceNow Developer blog. You can also keep up with him and the ServiceNow developer program on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Dave Slusher, ServiceNow

Dave Slusher is a Developer Advocate at ServiceNow, where he’s focused on solving problems, leaving things better off than when he found them. As part of the ServiceNow Developer Community, he creates content educating ServiceNow developers on how to hone their skills. Get to know him more on Twitter and see what ServiceNow information he shares on LinkedIn.

Jace Benson, FICO

According to his Twitter bio, Jace Benson “lives and breathes ServiceNow.” He’s a ServiceNow developer at FICO, but he has a very active internet presence. On the ServiceNow community page, he’s reached Community Level 6 (currently #62 on the page overall) writing posts and answering questions on a regular basis. Follow Jace on Twitter (where he’s a constant on in the #servicenowdev tag), to see what he posts, including blogs from his website.

Josh Nerius, ServiceNow

Previously a Developer Advocate at ServiceNow, Josh Nerius is now Principal Product Manager, Integrations & Authentication. While he is no longer an advocate on the developer blog, you can still read his older posts, or follow him on Twitter to see what he’s currently up to!

Nathan Firth, NewRocket

Next, we’ve got one of our very own Acorio alumni. Nathan Firth was a ServiceNow Architect at Acorio, then moved to ServiceNow, and now he is the Founder and President of NewRocket, Inc. His Twitter bio says he’s a “web developer, UI designer, and ServiceNow geek.” He also writes posts on the ServiceNow Service Portal on, a website focused on the Service Portal. Stay up to date with Nathan’s activity on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Steve Emerson, ServiceNow

Advisory Solution Architect in ITOM, Steve Emerson’s focus is on enabling great experiences for organizations in ITOM and IT Asset Management. With over 20 years of IT experience, he is a thought leader sharing his views on how people, process and technology can achieve transformation. Read his blog on the ServiceNow Community page, and, follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn where he regularly shares his recent blog posts and other great ServiceNow articles.

Pradeep Sharma, ServiceNow

Currently #2 on the ServiceNow Community leaderboard, Pradeep Sharma is a Partner Platform Architect at ServiceNow. He has over 8 years of experience with ServiceNow as both a customer developer and technical consultant. In the Community, he actively shares informational content and answers questions. Every now and then, you can see his posts in the Developer blog. Follow Pradeep on Twitter and LinkedIn for ServiceNow news and pertinent blog posts.

Robert Fedoruk

Self-proclaimed, “Just some guy,” Robert Fedoruk is a ServiceNow Architect. With 20 years of ITSM experience, he shares his ServiceNow thoughts (and memes) on Twitter, LinkedIn, and even YouTube. We’re particularly loving his recent video titled “Is #ServiceNow Performance Analytics Enough”. He also has a Community Level of 9, currently ranking #9 on the ServiceNow Developer Community leaderboard. If you don’t know why that matters, it means he’s all about ServiceNow. He actively shares content, replies to questions, while spreading his ServiceNow knowledge.

Dan Grady, ServiceNow

Sr. Advisory Solution Consultant for Performance Analytics and Reporting, Dan Grady’s day job is helping customers maximize value from the ServiceNow platform. On top of that, he is very active on Twitter, sharing news, videos, and educational articles on ServiceNow. Also, follow him on LinkedIn for his own articles and other inspiring posts he shares.

Acorio’s Home Team

Adam Mason

Adam Mason is VP, Solution and Innovations at Acorio, but he was originally a ServiceNow customer. This means he knows the platform like the back of his hand, having worked in it at almost every level. And, he brings that extensive experience to Acorio clients. He’s got a lot of knowledge to disperse, so check out his blogs he’s authored on the Acorio website, and follow him on Twitter to keep up with ServiceNow news. Plus, he is a frequent speaker at ServiceNow events, including in the TheaterNow at Knowledge19. You can check out both presentations he did there here.

Jeremy Mandle

ServiceNow Practice Lead for Service Portal & User Experience, Jeremy Mandle is an experienced and creative technology professional, with over 16 years of IT and UX experience. Like many other Acorians, he’s also been a customer of ServiceNow, so he has deep user knowledge of the platform. Jeremy can be found on both Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sarah Carley

Sarah is Acorio’s superstar Marketing Manager, Inbound & Media. She’s formulated the voice of Acorio, researching and writing much of the thought leadership we distribute, including our well-loved ServiceNow Insight & Vision Report. If you see a blog post or eBook from Acorio, Sarah has most likely had a hand in it. Follow Sarah on Twitter, plus read a few of the many blogs she writes.

Let us know who we should follow

Hopefully, now you can set up some news alerts, bookmark pages, and start following a few more ServiceNow influencers on social media. This is who we read, but if there’s anyone you want to point out as an expert ServiceNow voice, tweet us @acorio!