ServiceNow Quick Wins to Achieve Before the End of the Year

2020 has presented unprecedented challenges for today’s businesses. But, these challenges can be an opportunity for you and your organization to take a moment and re-evaluate where you are on your ServiceNow or Digital Transformation journey. Maybe the pandemic forced your priorities to shift to a more holistic Employee Experience or a more robust Asset Management strategy.

As we near the end of the year, we always get a lot of questions about how companies can gain some “wins” before the holidays. This year, that might be even more important – gaining some quick wins to keep your strategy on track and front of mind for key stakeholders.

Below is a list of 5 quick wins that companies can focus on. Each category representing an area we see companies focus on year in and year out. Some of them take longer than others but are a few ideas to leverage internal resources time as workload starts to slow down or burn up the rest of your service contract before the clock runs out.

5 Types of Quick Wins to Target before End of Year

1. Upgrade to ServiceNow Paris

Now that the Paris version of ServiceNow has been publicly released, we can start to focus on upgrading our current environments. ServiceNow only supports N-1 instances, giving businesses the extra incentive to upgrade at least once a year. We see that upgrades typically take 4-6 weeks depending on the size of the organization, current test scripts available, and resources on hand. Since there are roughly 8 workable weeks left in the year it could be a great time to get your instance upgraded and provide a clean, up to date environment waiting for you to return in January.

2. Catch-Up on Enhancements

Every company has the inevitable backlog of enhancements they wish they had the time set aside to churn through. The end of the year is a great time to get a few ‘quick win’ items checked off of that list. There may be a few days where some of your resources have a little bandwidth and tackling this list could be a great way to leverage that time to benefit your posture for next year.

3. Training

There is nothing like getting some training in at the end of the year and coming back from the holidays refreshed, full of knowledge and inspiration, and ready to work. If you have someone who you have been wanting to send through Admin training, now is the time to do it! Also, now that Paris has been released, there is new information to consume and read up on which leads us into the next item, preparing your game plan for next year.

4. Make a Game Plan

Towards the end of the year, we have a lot of conversations with organizations to get a roadmap, game plan, and strategy together for what next year will look like. It’s satisfying to look back on this year and see everything you have accomplished, but unless you are at retiring age, next year is right around the corner and it is beneficial to get prepared and hit the ground running.

Some of the items we look at are business use cases or pain points the organization is trying to solve, whereas some companies try to maximize their investment through what they have currently purchased in their licensing. Reviewing your licensing agreement could point out a few items that if not already on your radar could be features that you have access to already! How about that for a gift around the holidays?

Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish, it is always good to use some time towards the end of the year to get a Roadmap together of what your strategy is for next year and set yourself up for success.

5. Review Instance Access

Although organizations through IAM processes make sure their software is in compliance, every once in a while, some roles in ServiceNow could be provisioned and forgot about. One thing that is beneficial before the end of the year is double-checking current access to heavily entitled roles or licensed roles in ServiceNow. This could be the typical ‘admin’ or ‘ITIL’ roles, however, it is good to clean up this access before there are fewer people around during the holidays.

If you have already completed all of these Quick Wins, then pat yourself on the back, you are ahead of the game going into the end of the year. There are always bigger ‘fish to fry’ but if you have completed some or all of these quick wins you will get yourself off on the right foot at the beginning of next year.

Already thinking about next year? To get started on your bigger ServiceNow projects, download our ServiceNow Advisory Workbook to organize your priorities.

ServiceNow Advisory Workbook